Winter Makeup Tips: Get Fresh Look in Chilly Months

For winter makeup color, think rich! Jewel tones and luxurious browns are great for winter because they make up for the color you don’t usually have when the weather turns icy. More important than ever – moisturize! Changes in temperatures (inside with the heater to outside where it’s freezing, then back to your car where you turn the heater on, etc) can dry your skin out fast. Keep it smooth, and flaunt that fair skin – just don’t forget to protect it; UV rays still penetrate your skin even if it’s not hot outside. A good moisturizer with SPF 15 (at least) will keep you hydrated and looking young.

This winter there are several distinct styles inspired by the runway, and we’ll walk through the best winter makeup tips.


This season lush, natural brows are in. No more over-plucked, super-skinny brows. The first thing to do is let your brows grow in if they are that thin. Then begin reshaping them. Oh, yes. Natural does not equal bushy, so it’s still important to shape them according to your natural arch. If you’re not comfortable doing it, try a spa or salon that specializes in waxing. It’s worth the money not to have to do it yourself.

Are your brows naturally thin or not growing back in quickly enough (or at all)? No problem. Invest in an eyebrow powder or pencil. The trick to application is to make the makeup look like a natural part of your eyebrow. A firm eyebrow brush is usually the ticket. After applying your eyebrow color brush from the inside of your eyebrow out until the distinct makeup appearance fades.

Eye Shadow

Winter makeup tips bring back the smoky eye. The twist is using bright, bold and eye-catching shades in addition to your normal smoky eye. Grey, silver, blue and teal (reminiscent of the 70’s) are all waiting for you to pick them up. These are very bold looks, and you might be a little wary of going full-throttle. Not a problem. Why not stick to this season’s other gorgeous colors? Bronze, burgundy, coral, deep green and deep purple are fabulous bold colors that aren’t overpowering. Matte shades, a hint of sparkle or glitter encrusted are all acceptable, so go wild! Try something subtle like gray with a splash of teal or bronze with burgundy.

Eye Liner

Winter makeup tips also include eyeliner straight off the catwalk. Try liquid eyeliner for a graphic design or to get that really precise shape. There are new shapes to try this season; blunt edges and square in addition to the traditional “cat eye” swoop and taper tail. If liquid eyeliner isn’t your thing, don’t hesitate to use a powder or pencil liner for a softer line and less edginess. Either way, to perfect this season’s styles invest in eye liner.


Let’s take advantage of this year’s trend and move away from shiny lip gloss and focus on stains. Vibrant and deep colors in a sheer stain are a gorgeous way to bring your lips to the center of attention. Red, burgundy, cherry and garnet stains will add a youthful perkiness to your pucker without leaving your lips looking garish. Pick up your favorite lipstick and apply it in the middle of your lips. Then use a lip brush and brush it out to the corners and the lip line. Ta dah!

Conversely, lips can also go nude and nearly colorless this season. If you go bold lips do neutral eyes. If you do bold eyes keep your lips nude. One or the other, but not both.

Finally, top your lashes with a dark mascara to open your eyes regardless of what eye shadow you’re wearing and you’re set.