10 Ways to Save Your Relationship and Marriage

So many times relationships start out wonderfully with excitement and joy. Then before long, many begin to wonder where the love has gone. This articles describes some of the simple laws of love, which, when practiced, keep love going strong. So many times relationships start out wonderfully, the person is joyous and feels as if they’ve found, the one. Then as time passes, they begin to wonder where has the love gone? Many feel lost when this happens. They do not know what went wrong, or what steps need to be taken to make things right again.

There are times when a relationship reaches a point where either you, your partner or both of you feel that you can no longer proceed with your relationship. Though this may be so, the two of you still have a connection and really do want to make your relationship work, but do not know exactly how to approach the rescue. If your relationship is going through a rocky period, but you do not want to lose your partner and wish to make things better and continue to build a strong bond together.

Relationships can be difficult and take a lot of work. Many people take self-esteem and control issues into a relationship, and abuse may result. If both parties genuinely want to save the relationship and change their behavior patterns, they must work at it. Many people are not shown or taught how to have a healthy relationship, so studying the subject can be helpful. Here are steps for moving toward a healthy relationship and healing the past.

Is Your Relationship Worth Saving?

Though it may be a little harsh to say, but take out time to seriously think over your relationship. Figure out the real cause of the conflict or breakup. Is it your or your partner’s fault? If the relationship is emotionally or physically abusive, it is best to breakup and start anew. In other cases, if you think that your relationship is worth saving, go ahead and do everything to save it.

Touch Each Other – Without Needing A Reason:

In our anger or sadness, humans have the instinct to withdraw into themselves – shelter ourselves from anything that might hurt us. However, when you stop reaching out to your loved ones, you hurt them. Make it a point to reach out and run your fingers through her hair. Run your fingers along his arm, or across his back. Whatever it is, just get used to touching each other again.

Kiss Each Other:

There is only one problem with number 2 touching can sometimes come across as accidental however, a kiss is a kiss, and there absolutely no way to accidentally kiss someone. For women: put your hands around his face, lean in and give him a big kiss just like if the first time you have kissed him. For men: put your arms around her, run one hand up her back and neck and gently pull her hair when her head tips back, give her a big kiss. It is amazing how a single, passionate kiss can melt the ice even the strongest anger and sadness.

Use Space to your Relationship’s Advantage:

If your rational, reasonable and calm approach does not work and you notice that the two of you are getting nowhere at the current time, then take some time apart. It may be hard for you to do and go through, but it really would be doing your relationship good. Many people get overly emotional when they are having problems with their lovers and want to work out their problem right away and do will not leave their partner alone until they do, but this id definitely the wrong way to go about it.

The only thing that will happen is frustrating your partner more, making him or her feel more pressured and therefore pushing your relationship further back instead of forward. Take some time apart so that you both have the space to think on your own and set your emotions and thoughts in order.

Agree to Disagree:

The next time you and your partner feel ready to attempt another rational discussion, be sure to agree to disagree first. It is important that you both remember that although you may be one as a couple, you are still both very much individuals with your own thoughts and beliefs about certain things. Make an agreement that being different does mean you both are incompatible, but what it does mean is that you are both unique in your own ways and will respect your differences and use those differences as a way to better your relationship instead of trying to change each other.

Find a Middle Ground:

There are probably some things you would prefer your partner not do and vice versa, but the fact of the matter is, you cannot change your partner’s personalities or hobbies. What you must do is find a middle ground where you both feel more secure and comfortable with certain situations where you can both trust each other and feel that your relationship is safe from any damage or harm.

Work on Making Your Relationship Stronger:

Get back to the roots of why you fell in love. Go on dates again! Participate in activities that help you be a team. Surround yourself with friends who support your relationship.

One final thought is to make sure the affair has really ended. A promise that your partner will end the affair is not the same as truly ending it. Be clear on the fact that in order to continue with the relationship, your partner must have already ended the affair and will not engage in another one. No compromises on this one.

Time For Action:

After all the melodrama and speaking is done, find ways to fix the problems that can bring your relationship back on the right track. Say, for instance, communication was a problem that induced problems. Ensure that you talk to your partner for a good number of minutes every day. It doesn’t matter if you turn off the TV, radio or computer for this. After all, those silly entertaining sitcoms aren’t important than your partner!

Try to Talk it Out:

A man cannot read a woman’s mind you have to tell him things! Imagine that you got your hair cut, and he still hasn’t said anything about it. Was it a dramatic change? Did you hack off 6 inches, or more, or completely change the style? If not, it is possible that it just did not register to him. Would you get mad at him for not noticing, and let that eat at you from inside? Would it cross your mind that he may have noticed, did not really like it, and didn’t say anything in order to keep from hurting your feelings. Anyway, you need to tell him that you are mad that he didn’t notice, or say anything but, just
be prepared for him to tell you that he didn’t like it – which, of course, may make you even angrier (be prepared for that).

Maintain Your New Relations:

As soon you have mended for your mistakes and are trying to retain your new relationship, make sure that you do not commit the same faults, as they would trigger the same problem. Also, apologize for any newly committed errors, to be on a safer side. Avoid things that can hurt your partner’s feelings or sentiments. If you do so, you know your next step, right!


If you are in any kind of physical danger, it is important to leave. Your safety comes first.