Building A Successful Relationship with Your Life Partner

Communication is one of the key factors in every relationship. But how to communicate in a relationship is the biggest quest. They say that in a relationship, we all strive to bring out the best in us, but do we? In this fast moving life, we often tend to take things for granted and conveniently put up excuses of work and time to camouflage such actions. Lack of communication in any relationship can lead to misunderstandings and afflictions. Specially in case of couples, lack of communication often gives way to estrangements and even splits in relationships.

You communicate through gestures, facial expressions, attitude, tone of voice, and verbal expression. To clearly communicate with your partner, you have to examine your nonverbal and verbal communication. Communication is very important in a relationship. People can break up if there’s poor communication going on. You can confuse your partner and they can get upset. You should be as clear as possible so that you don’t confuse your partner. Love is a fragile topic and people will get hurt over little misunderstandings.

Furthermore, individuals experiencing communication troubles have occasionally attempted to share feelings in a healthy, understanding way only to undergo more rejection, hurt, and misunderstanding from her or his partner. This results in the individual avoiding intimate communication and putting up emotional walls. It can help a relationship grow to a deeper level and build trust between couples. Couples who communicate on a daily basis have better relationships and understand each other more. This can lead to fewer arguments and helps you to connect at a much stronger level. Follow some of these suggestions to build stronger communication in your relationship.

Effective Communication For A Healthy Relationship:

Choose the Time to Communicate:

The stereotypical girlfriend or wife who tries to talk to her man while he is watching the game is a cliche for a reason. Consider this as a warning. Select an appropriate time for communicating, not when either partner is working, watching sports or involved in a book, movie or hobby. This is especially necessary if you are planning a serious conversation.


Many people believe that they’re listening to their partners, but they’re really thinking about their next point of discussion. If you’re thinking about what you’re going to say next or already know what you’re going to say, you’re not listening to your partner and you’re not open to hearing his point of view. Concentrate on what the other person is saying and then contemplate your response.


We get into relationships with wonderful people, but with the passage of time, we just forget how wonderful they are. Their niceness becomes mundane for us and appreciation a rarity. That is another root cause of decay of relationships. The attitude of taking things for granted creeps into a relationship and kills it from within. To maintain the beauty of any relationship, know that the magic once created needs to be polished, time and again. To do this, all you need to do is shower your beloved with appreciation and applause. A simple word of praise can wash away a million misgivings.

Don’t Get Defensive:

If someone gives you constructive criticism, process it before you respond. If your partner tells you that he feels rejected when you take your mother’s side on major issues, think about his feelings. Do you always take your mother’s side? Could you be more neutral or explain his side to your mother?

Be Honest:

If you’re honest, you won’t have to explain later. If you’re dishonest you can make the other person angry when they found out about a certain event. If you’re going to throw a party with your guy friends, you should let her know and invite her over so she doesn’t think that you want to be alone with other women around.

When you’re not picking up the phone and she called for at least five times, you can call her right back and say that you were sleeping when she called. If you don’t call her back within the next day, she might think that you’re doing something with someone else.


You need to get this fact straight this is not war and you are not foes. Compromising on some simple things would not make you weaker or less strong by any chance. People who say that maintaining your individuality, despite being with someone else, miss out on one key fact of life in a relationship, two is actually one. You do not grow along side each other in your separate worlds, rather you grow together. Compromise is not a sign of defeat, it is a sign of maturity and mental growth.

Never Give Up:

Remember, you are with a person you liked the most at one point in life. That person is still there under the new demeanor it is only the situations that have changed. Do not make rash choices or decisions just because things have been rocky for sometime. Every relationship goes through the tough phase, but you need to keep your faith intact and try hardest to make that beautiful chemistry work all over again!

Talk Openly:

The final step of this process is to communicate verbally. This is the time when you talk. Through talking to your partner openly about your thoughts, feelings and goals, you can establish and maintain the trust your relationship needs to thrive.