Causes of Relationship Breakups: Love Makes Women Blind

If we consider the history of the institution of marriage, all of us would agree that it started at the time of creation itself. Man and woman are different both biologically and in mental makeup. However, the creation would not continue if man and woman do not come together. The physical and emotional needs unite man and woman and marriages take place. Till the beginning of the twentieth century, joint families and lifetime single marriages were quite prevalent.

Divorces were few and far in between. However, things started changing as more and more women took up careers and achieved financial independence. The dependence of women on men declined and even small disagreements were magnified to a large extent that they were considered to be impinging on the individuality.

Some relationship breakups are necessary, especially when it has become abusive or when the falling out was irrevocable and mutual. But some can also be averted when you know why it happens.

Relationship breakups happen all the time and it’s often said that life doesn’t come with a guarantee. This statement is never more true than when looking at romantic relationships. There’s no assurance that the bond of love you now share with your partner will last for eternity. Let us consider the many reasons why couples break up.

Another common cause for relationship breakups are differences. Often, the things we have in common are what bring us together with our partner. While initially it may seem like you and your partner agree on lots of things, it is only a matter of time before differences can rear their ugly head. Suddenly, somebody who seemed like your other half can turn into your exact opposite. All of a sudden, the common bond on which the relationship was built is no longer strong enough to hold the partners together.

Starting wіth thе child: thіѕ style іѕ emotion based. Whеn a baby іѕ born, thеу hаνе very lіttlе experience tο draw frοm аnd therefore аll thеіr communication іѕ based οn feeling; feeling hunger, feeling wet аnd uncomfortable, feeling pain, feeling сοld, hot, warm, feeling comforted, feeling safe etc.

Aѕ a child grows thеу learn more frοm whаt thеу see аnd whаt thеу experience аnd саn thеn reason more, bυt initially thеу react tο thеіr surroundings аnd things аnd whаt іѕ happening.

When partners have been together a long time, it breeds too much familiarity between them. They no longer make an effort to keep the other’s interest piqued. When both parties fail to keep it interesting for each other, their passion also fizzles in the process. A relationship breakup is then inevitable.

Romance is not only important at the start of the relationship; it has to be sustained all throughout. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture or a lavish affair; a simple surprise or treat every now and then can fuel the fires. When you can still take your lover’s breath away with such thoughtfulness, you can avert a relationship breakup.

Probably the biggest or most common reason for relationship breakups is when you, or your partner, fall out of love with one another. Sometimes, even if things seem to always be right, when love vanishes, relationships have to end.

One example is that sexual orientation itself sometimes develops quiet late, especially if it’s the “unconventional” one, i.e. homosexuality. If someone discovers suddenly that they’d rather “play for the other team”, so to speak, there’s not a lot one can do. However, there are smaller differences that make a change in the relationships dynamics.

For example, aspirations mentioned before, political and social attitudes (which also developed throughout time and young people still form them), and many other differences.