Make A Man Fall in Love with You: Easy Tips To Capture A Man’s Heart

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you see a man who catches your eye and causes your heart to skip a beat with excitement? It could be a guy that you see at work, around your neighborhood, in a grocery store, at school, or maybe at your local Starbucks. Regardless of the circumstances, you feel an instant attraction for this man and you’re wondering if he could possibly feel the same about you if given the chance.

It may be hard to believe, but some women have the ability to make almost any man fall in love with them.  While typically these women are considered attractive by male standards, it is not just their physical attributes that give them this special power.  What really allows them to melt the hearts of men is the ability to appeal to their desires.  They understand what men need to hear, and they use this knowledge to instantly captivate them. These techniques will help you to draw the man attention to you and make him fall in love with you.

Be Yourself:

The first rule to make him fall in love with you is to be yourself. If he will love you for something, let that be your special character and your extraordinary mind. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Don’t do anything that isn’t you. He’ll find out that you are faking as soon as you’ll be tired of pretending to be his dream woman and start being yourself. What will happen then? He might not like what he sees; he’ll feel betrayed, and he’ll probably run from you. After all, you do have enough self respect to be loved for what you really are, don’t you?

Eye Candy:

It is very important for all women to know that, even though men are not super shallow, they will be attracted to the prettier girls, the girls who they like to see and be seen with. So, if you wish of your man to fall for you, you need to rock the land that he stands on. For that, you need to be attractive to him. That does not mean that you wear revealing, provocative or sexy clothes. It simply means, that you find the perfect equilibrium between what makes you look super gorgeous and his idea of attractive.

Optimize Your Appearance:

Whenever I’m trying to be more attractive to someone, I always optimize. Now, this doesn’t mean I starve myself to look thin, buy tons of new clothes, or get a dramatic hair cut. Instead, I just try to make myself look my best. This means a cute outfit that emphasizes my best features, combed and fixed hair, a little makeup, a clean bright smile, and a spritz of light perfume.

Be Confident:

Being yourself alone isn’t enough. You also have to believe in yourself. Many women remain single because of their low self-esteem. I once met a girl that wasn’t that pretty, but she claimed that she could have any man she wanted. She told me, “It doesn’t matter how you look, it matters what you think of yourself.” Later that night I met her boyfriend. They were on a long term relationship and they seemed to be happy together. This woman was acting like she was wearing an invisible crown; and it was working.

Listen, Listen, Listen:

Man love to talk about themselves, and they think a girl who actively listens to them is so charming. So, I always listen more than I talk when I was trying to attract a man. Talk about yourself, current topics, news events, etc about 20% of the time, and let him control the conversation about 80% of the time.

Look Gorgeous:

First impressions are always important. Not that personality and confidence don’t count, but looking gorgeous whenever he gets to see you, will make your life a lot easier. If you are one of those girls that can’t tell the difference between eyeliner and concealer, put your face’s fate in to your girlfriends’ hands (and makeup kits)!. She will make the best of the beauty God blessed you with!

Have A Great Attitude:

In my experience, guys like girls with cheerful, sunny dispositions. No one likes to hang out with a pessimistic, negative person. So, I always try to look on the bright side of life and be a glass half full person when I’m trying to catch a hot guy. People always tend to look my way more often and gravitate toward me when I’ve got a smile on my face!

Play Hard to Get:

This is an old trick that never goes out of fashion! Make him jealous; don’t answer all his phone calls, and don’t be always available for him. Hang out with other guys too – let him believe you have many admirers. Men are competitive by nature, so he’ll fight for your attention. As soon as he does, he’ll start wondering: Why am I jealous? Am I so interested in this girl?” You’ll know you have won his heart.

Get Small Talking:

Often, women are not capable of small talk (kudos to you, if you are!). As such, they lose opportunities to speak to the man they like. Remember, if he cant talk to you, he cant fall in love with you. So, gather skills for small talk, pass him a line occasionally. This will make him aware of your existence, as well as, make him a little comfortable with you. More so, if your communication with him starts through small talk, the chances of you fumbling when you actually have a conversation with him, are relatively less.

And If Nothing Works:

We’re always looking into strange books and books that can help us overcome difficult situations. Lately I’ve stumbled upon a book that I have found very interesting especially for someone that has been separated with his/her other half but can’t stand it and want him back into his life. It’s a very good book with practical and real advice that can help you win your other half back. Just check it out here and tell us what you think!

Hold Off on the Physical Intimacy:

My last tip has to do with physical intimacy, or making out, heavy petting , or sex. If you truly want to make a guy fall in love with you, you’ve got to hold out on stuff like this for as long as you can. Most guys I dated and are friends with just go after a girl for the thrill of the chase at first. It takes time for them to realize that they actually care about the girl. So, hold off on physical intimacy to give your relationship a chance to develop first. Steve Harvey has written a hilarious book that talks about this exact idea!


  • Don’t look like a stalker! Therefore, only tell a few close friends you’ve been secretly watching his every move.
  • Don’t look at him too much. If you do so, he might feel that you’re too easy and will no longer be interested.
  • If you wanna catch his eye do something but don’t keep staring or people will notice and point it out the he get’s put off.
  • When he comes on MSN/Instant messenger don’t talk to him straight away, you will seem obsessed and annoying.