Indian Mehndi Henna Designs Latest 2010 Collection

{SCA} Indian Mehndi Henna Designs 2010: Mehndi holds a lot of cultural significance in Indian traditions. Be it weddings, Karva Chauth or other occasions, mehndi plays an important role in all the ceremonies and festivals of India. In today’s era of modernization, the new styles and designs of mehndi are coming up, adding glamour and fun to it.

Weddings being the most important day in one’s life, mehndi or henna  has become an ornament for the soon to be brides. There is, in fact, one whole ceremony dedicated to its celebration popularly known as ‘Mehndi Ceremony’ or ‘Mehndi Ki Raat’. Besides this, the phrase ‘Haath Peele Karna’ as often heard from elders of the family is a rasam of mehndi directly synonymous to marriage. This significance maybe attributed to symbolic meaning of mehndi i.e. fertility.

Mehndi or Henna Ceremony is among the pre wedding rituals in Indian weddings performed a day prior to the marriage. Just as Haldi ceremony symbolizes cleanliness, mehndi signifies beautification.  Mehndi-Ki-Raat is usually a private affair with close relatives, friends and family members, celebrated amidst lot of dancing and feasting. This ritual is often combined with Sangeet ceremony and so is primarily a women’s function.

Even the color of mehndi is given high importance in Indian culture as the darkness of the color signifies the degree of husband’s and mother-in-law’s love. It depicts love and affection between the couple as it is believed that the longer it retains, the more auspicious it is. The bride is traditionally not allowed to work in her husband’s home until her mehndi’s color fades away completely.

Indian mehndi designs also contain peacock because Peacock is their national bird. Peacock’s long wings also gives very beautiful mehndi designs. They also like to make an elephant with raised trunk which is consider a sign of good luck. In India at some places umbilical, back and leg mehndi designs are also very popular. If you like this then you can find here in my latest, unique dulhan or bridal mehndi designs of all countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and many other.

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