Party Mehndi Designs

{SCA}Fabulous Mehndi Designs For Parties: Menhdi or Henna has been used throughout North Africa, Southeast Asia, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan for thousands of years for adornment, ritual, and health. Henna was probably first used as a cooling paste applied to hands and feet. As its use continued, the application evolved from covering the whole hand or foot to applying an intricate design to the hands.

The designs greatly vary, depending on the region and the reason for application. A design used on an Indian bride might be completely inappropriate for a Muslim woman from Egypt. Mehndi recipes are as varied as the designs. The one I use is a combination of several recipes I have come across and tested over the past year. I found that it gave the best color and logevity results.

These are all new and latest collections of Mehndi designs for parties. These elegant mehndi designs are specially used in dancing parties, mehndi parties, wedding functions, refreshment parties, casual and formal parties, dating parties, collage parties and like other parties. These Party Mehndi Designs 2010 contain beautiful floral mehndi designs, leaf mehndi designs, stars mehndi designs, simple and gorgeous Henna designs.

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