Punjabi Mehndi Designs Collection

{SCA} Punjabi Mehndi Designs: Mehndi / Henna grows in hot climates and can be found in most Middle Eastern and South Asian countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Persia, Morocco, Egypt, Bangladesh and India. We have found Asian henna to be the best for mehndi. The Mehndi plant (Lawsonia inermis) is 8 to 10 feet high and its leaves are dried and crushed to make henna powder. The natural dyeing properties found in henna are tannins. Synonyms for henna are henne, Al-Khanna, Al-henna, Jamaica Mignonette, Egyptian Privet and Smooth Lawsonia.

The art form of applying henna (known as mehndi, mehandi or mehendi) varies from region to region. The varying designs can mean different things to each culture, such as good health, fertility, wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. It spans different cultures and religious traditions, thus making it possible to recognize distinctions in cultural style. Arabic mehndi designs are generally large, floral patterns on the hands and feet. Indians and pakistani doing mehndi use fine, thin lines for lacy, floral and paisley patterns covering entire hands, forearms, feet, and shins.

Why is mehndi so popular? Expression. Fun. Painless, temporary tattoos. Unlike permanent tattoos, a lifetime commitment to your mehndi design is not required as the designs fade over time. Generally in 1 to 4 weeks, but it will depend on where your design is on the body and how long the paste was left to set. The less exposed to soap, water and rubbing, the longer your design will last. Many celebrities have been seen wearing mehndi designs and general awareness of the art form has increased due to articles in national magazines, publications and television broadcasts.

Applying henna for mehndi has many variations. If you have been on the internet you may be overwhelmed by all the choices and recommendations for application. In in this post we present a list of dazzling and unbelievable pictures of Punjabi Mehndi Designs that will take your breath away. We are quite sure that you will love this post.

Punjabi Henna Mehndi Designs and Styles Trends – Photo Gallery