Simple Mehndi Henna Designs For Hands Latest Collection

{SCA} Simple Henna Designs for Hands: Mehndi was traditionally used as a form of decoration mainly for brides. Over the years however, the application of Mehndi or Henna has become popular with everyone and is applied on occasions other than weddings like on Diwali and Eid. Its color ranges typically from reddish brown to dark brownish black, depending on the preparation.

There are many different styles of mehndi 2010, depending on the region from which they come from. The most popular types are Arabic, Pakistani, African, Bangali and Indian, the designs of which are easily distinguishable from the other.

Arabic Mehndi contains less details and intricacy, while the color is very dark. In fact, vines and leaves with beautiful flowers are the trademark of Arabic Mehndi.

Pakistani Mehndi on the other hand, is the most detailed and intricate of the lot. It thus goes without saying that the application of this type of Mehndi is time consuming.

Indian Mehndi can be identified because of the presence of either a big dot or figure drawn on the center of the palm or on the back of the hand. Further, ones finger tips are always completely colored when applying Indian Mehndi.

African Mehndi although rarely chosen for Mehndi application is also very pretty. One can differentiate this kind of Mehndi from the rest due to the presence of intricate geometric figures and dots.

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