Wedding Mehndi Designs For Hands

{SCA} Wedding Mehndi Designs For Hands: Mehndi and Henna both is the same thing, usually in some countries it is known as Mehndi and in others as Henna. Mehndi or Henna is made by grinding the dry leaves of mehndi flower in to fine powder, its color also very depend upon the environment and era in which plant has to be produced. Its color varies from red to dark brown. Now in this age there is also available various types of Henna, just like Black, Blue, zardozi, sparkles and stones Mehndi or Henna.

Significance of Wedding Mehndi: Wedding Mehndi or Bridal Henna is much importance, because it signifies the strength of marriage and amount of love that she will receive in her husbands house. It is said that darker the color of the mehndi stronger will be the marriage and longer it will last. At the same time, the dark color of the Henna is also said to mean that, it will receive a lot of love from her husband as well as her mother in-law.

Wedding Mehndi Designs & Patterns: Among the traditional Mehndi Designs, drowns usually on the hands and feet of the bride. Include the ‘baraat and the ‘doli’ scene. Baraat is a term used to denote the groom and all his family members, relatives, friends and colleagues, before arrive of the wedding venue. Common wedding mehndi designs includes peacock, kalash, flowers, leaves, lotus flower and conch-shells. As well as writing the grooms name on the brides hand is compulsory. A heart and vine pattern on the lower back is considered the wedding couple chose together. It is also considered that the back hidden till the honeymoon, and wanted to find husband, and consider that it will increase their love.

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