45 Unbelievable Snow Falling Pictures In Lahore Pakistan (2011)

The heavy hail, unusual for Lahor is, left most residents of the city astonished by the change in weather. However, many residents took to the street to enjoy the rare view of a ‘white Lahore’.

Snow Fall in Lahore has never been seen or even predicted but this Saturday this miracle happened, We have always been talking about Global warming but now Scientist will re-consider if Ice Age is about to rule the world again.First ever real Snowfall in Lahore, Pakistan .

When people in Lahore, Pakistan were thinking to take their jackets and sweaters off as Winters are almost over and this was expected to be the last cold week before spring season, mother nature seemed to be having other plans to surprise Lahoris.

A stranage climate change caused snowfall and heavy hail storm in saveral areas of Lahore, Pakistan on Saturday, February 26, 2011. People came out on roads surprised as well as happy and started taking pictures and videos as this was first ever real snowfall in Lahore.