20 Awesome Festival Easter Photography

Easter is one of the most important holidays in the Christian calendar, and its celebrates Christ’s resurrection. Easter is a few days away and photo opportunities will be plentiful. This creates a perfect opportunity to capture some unique and memorable Easter family moments. Here is a collection of photography to inspire your Easter egg shots as well as inspire your egg painting. Enjoy!

For more resources please see:

1. Rainbow Colored Easter Eggs by Yuki-Almasy

2. Easter Toy Picture by dragonfly113

3. Girl Easter Bunny Photo – ScorpionEntity

4. Handmade Easter Fun by muhvinsi

5. Easter Bunny Girl Picture by chuna-fish

6. Dogs Easter Photography by La-Puce

7. Colored Dress for Easter Day – Love4art

8. Pink Eggs Group-photo – glorthogoot

9. Easter Food Rat – magnesina

10. Easter Bunny Cat Picture by Wicked-Tizette

11. Little Girl Easter Pose by photobri25

12. White Duck Easter Photo – Lunchi

13. Hoppy Toy Easter Photography by dove51

14. Friends Easter Trip Photo by ChikaraSan

15. Easter Mouse Photo – LadyTsunade

16. Easter Lily by Kittihawk11

17. Easter Egg Hunt by itslacedinsick

18. Easter Bell Flower Photography by Cloe Patra

19. Easter with Bunny Pet – ScorpionEntity

20. Easter Flowers Photography – onixa

Feel free to share your thoughts on my Pictures of Easter choices in the comments section on the end of this page.