Betrayal is the Only Truth That Sticks – Adorable Friendship Poems

“Et tu Brute, then fall Caesar”. Perhaps the most famous words in English literature speak of a betrayal of a friend. Julius Caesar is saying that if even his close friend Brutus is stabbing him, then he has no hope. Our friends are the ones that we expect will stand by us through thick and thin.

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Source: Friendship Poems

1. Once Friends

I wish that I could take it all away but it’s done.
We were the best of friends, everything we did was fun.
Now it’s not the same since you became cool with the in-crowd.
Now you’re ashamed of me, you want me to be like you but I’m too proud.
I wish that you weren’t so stuck-up and would come back to reality.
You wanted to be so popular that you dissed your own nationality.
Now that you got your wish do you still think you made the right choice?
Remember that we once were friends, you always told me that I had a voice.
But what about now you don’t even speak up, you’re too scared.
They might find out who you are and boot you from your position and not care.
With all that said and done our friendship is left in the past.
But who will you have to come back to when being popular doesn’t just doesn’t last.

2. More Than Nothing

Forgive me for thinking I meant more than nothing…
More than nothing…
or at least more than this.

You’ve got my head entwined in fake happiness.
In nothing more than wishful bliss.

In nothing less than a straining twists.

Of what’s real and what’s not.
Of my emotions caught.

Stuck in something unfamiliar…
Something lovely, yet peculiar.

Something horrid, wishing to be sure.
Be told you have it all…

And wishing for more.

I’m lost, I’m found
Life turned around.
World upside down.

And you…
You don’t care.

3. Stab My Back

You say you’re my friend
But you stab my back
You tell me you’re “depressed”
And then you go and cry on my shoulder
When I need your help you turn away
You stab my back
The blood drips down, into a puddle
You spit in my blood and walk away
I sit there bleeding
Until no more blood
And I sit and suffer
Finally you kill me

4. You Say Your My Friend??

You say you’re my friend.
Why you try to put my fun to an end?
You smile in my face and are kind when you want,
or think you can get something from me.
When the table is turned and I want or need,
you either don’t have it or it comes with a fee.
I almost can’t remember when friendship was free
or there wasn’t a charge of some sort from you

Source: Friendship Poems