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A butterfly is any of several groups of mainly day-flying insects of the order Lepidoptera, the butterflies and moths. Like other holometabolous insects, butterflies’ life cycle consists of four parts, egg, larva, pupa and adult. Most species are diurnal.

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Butterfly, Butterfly

Butterfly, Butterfly
flew so high.
Butterfly, Butterfly
caught my eye.

Eyes were a glisten,
wings winked in delight.
Sought such a current
so as he could drift
in warm summer’s night.

But as the days shorten
he sags in the air.

Gracefully curves
until he lies


so calm and fair.

Butterfly Angel

small butterfly…. flying around in the wind
so beautiful, so vulnerable
be careful, a storm is coming
find a safe place so you dont get hurt

sweet butterfly…. you are loved by many
but there is only one who is loving you like no other
that one is me of course
i love you sincerely and honestly, my butterfly
angel butterfly….. you are my guardian angel
you made me change completely
and now i give all my love unconditionally
to be with you forever in happiness

My Little Black Butterfly

I caught a little black butterfly,
I kept it in a jar.
I carried it with me
Where I went, near and far.
It listened to my problems,
My sorrows and my grief;
It kept me from self-destruction,
It brought me sweet relief.
My butterfly became my best friend,
My whole world in a jar,
So I had no need for real friends
For they all seemed under par.
Eventually, my butterfly withered
Fro the pressure of my sighs,
So much I believed it began to hate me,
And it shriveled up and died.
I wept and sobbed for days upon days-
Nothing could tame my tears-
For my black butterfly listened to me cry
And fluttered away all of my fears.
I mourned for my little black butterfly,
For it was so much more-
It was my friend, my family,
My confidante, and my haven-
Which is dead, but not lost.
My little black butterfly is gone,
But it still remains,
Fluttering on,
In my mind.