Can You See? – Sweet Dream Poems

There are two kinds of dreams. There are dreams that we have while asleep and dreams that we have while we are awake. What is the connection between the two types? Both kinds of dreams are about the yearnings that are held deep inside us.

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Source: Friendship Poems

1. Dreams

The day seems good until you wake up.
The world seems welcoming until you enter it.
When the morning comes nothing seems good
the moment my eyes open and until they are shut
I feel like death would be better, safer, and more peaceful.
But the moment my eyes are closed dreams come and take me.
The dream of peace and happiness, the warmth and love.
It may only last a moment but it gives me strength
Strength for the day to come
No matter what it be, a nightmare or a fantasy
It seems better then life.
Friends in my dreams never leave or change
Time never passes to fast or to slow
You are never forgotten or hated
Nothing seems better and you start to feel happy.
Then the sun comes up and your brought back,
back to the truth of the world.
The pain and sadness,
The hate and fear of life washes over you
and you wish you wouldn’t have open your eyes.
You want to fall back into your welcoming sleep
Where nothing goes wrong and you are always loved.

2. Night Time

Shhh do you hear that?
All those night time creatures.
Can you hear the elements around you?

The crickets sing,
The owls hoot,
Can you hear them?

Look up now.
What do you see?
How do you feel?

Can you see?
Can you see the full moon at its brightest?
Can you see the stars right beside it?

Can you see them?
Can you hear them?
As you lay on the ground next to your soulmate.

Can you hear that?
Can you hear your soulmates steady heart beat?
Can you hear your soulmates steady breathing?

Shhh do you hear that?
All those night time creatures.
Can you hear the elements around you?

Night time.
Night time is the best time.
Night time is the best time to listen.

To listen to your heart.
To listen to your soul.
To listen to the world around you.

To see the moon.
To see the stars.
To listen to your soulmates breathing.

Shh do you hear that?
Do you hear your soulmates heart beat?
Do you hear the elements around you?

3. The Perfect Dream

Waves beating on the sand
There we sit hand in hand
Waves crash down
And I wipe away my frown

The sun begins to set
It seems like we’ve just met
But we’ve known each other for a while
Now just the thought of you makes me smile

We begin to walk
And we start to talk
Our steps are in sync
I can’t even think

He stops and looks at me
I look up and he is all I see
He leans in
And it’s like the perfect sense

But I always wake up
And realize It was all just a dream

Source: Friendship Poems