Children are A Gift From God – Poem on Peace for Children

I hope the following short and beautiful collection of peace for children poems by famous people will help you in times of your need to realize how perfect you already are. We are quite sure that you will love these cute and sweet peace for children poems collection. Lets have a look at these decent poems.

1. Peace is in The Hands

Peace is in the hands
Of our children
Teach the children
About tolerance
Teach the children
About patience
Teach the children
About selfworth

2. Peace, Love, and Happiness

Peace, love, and happiness
You can give to a child
That is suffering in the world
It will change her world forever
And it doesn’t cost much

3. When I look

When I look
at the purple-blue sky
at night,
I want to see stars,
not bombers,
circling in the moonlight.

I want to watch shooting stars
or comets
instead of the flare
of the crashing bombs
on the streets
out there.

Stars are the angel-bridges
of comfort – nothing should block
their light.

4. Peace is a Bird Chirping

Peace is a bird chirping
in the warm Spring sunshine.
A silver fish darting from one clump
of underwater weeds to another, in the cool spring water.
Peace is a butterfly flying in the wind,
against a soft blue sky of summer.

5. Peace is a Cool Breeze

Peace is a cool breeze and the soft grass
with roses and tulips,
a rainbow above and the sound of the birds,
and the roses blooming and the ocean swaying
and people getting together.