Famous Murder Poems Gorgeous Selection

Murder, as defined in common law countries, is the unlawful killing of another human being with intent (or malice aforethought), and generally this state of mind distinguishes murder from other forms of unlawful homicide (such as manslaughter).

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1. Premeditation

Oh blade you’ll warm tonight!
Awash in crimson-purple flows,
Your sheen will dull with aching flesh:
Palpating anatomic mounds
Caressing, dancing, writhing round
Your metal form–
Whetted ‘gainst a lonely bone,
Then to probe the pounding, begging heart.

And all the while the prey will howl
Before they crumple; greet the mud–
A taut and unbelieving jowl
Will open out for giving blood–
A vent from down below,
Once a brutal show
Of metal in the man.

2. Murder

Murder has worn a bangle
Murder has worn a brace
Murder has worn a collar and tie
And a smile upon its face

Murder shaves punctiliously
Murder hits the town in a beard
Murder baths often or never at all
Murder can be cleancut or weird

Murder has blossomed in petticoats
Murder has come out in lace
Murder has togged up in rags and filth
Murder can wear any old face

Murder has cavorted with idiots
Murder has flourished among fools
Murder has cultivated genius
Murder makes and breaks all the rules

Murder has been fired from a cannon
Murder has blasted from a gun
Murder has been delivered with rapier and sword
With a nod or a wink or a pun

Murder has come wrapped in parcels
Murder has arrived in the post
Murder has been swallowed with cheese and wine
Murder has been served on toast

Murder has been commited by proxy
Murder has been agreed on by vote
Murder has been sent with roses
Ribbons kisses and a note

Murder has been done in a fit of rage
On the main street in broad daylight
Murder has been done with an icy calm
In the middle of the night

Murder has been done for money
Murder has been done for a fix
Murder has been done for good reason
Murder has been done for kicks

Murder has often been whitewashed
Murder has been painted black
Murder hired this morning
Has already been given the sack

Murder has languished in gaol
Murder has cried in the dock
Murder has sat in the court’s highest seat
Sending innocence to the block

Murder sports a scowl and a bandolier
or a politician’s easy grin
Some murder can murder from a distance
As it prattles of morality or sin

Murder has hidden in mountains
Murder has hidden in caves
Murder has hidden in government buildings
A murder not normally brave

Murder feels safe in large numbers
Murder feels good on a hill
Murder likes a uniform and big heavy boots
A patriot’s licence to kill

Murder has worn a dog-collar
Murder has carried a book
Murder has worn solumn words and phrases
A sanctimonious look

Murder is fond of information
And has a taperecorder handy to tell
Murder likes statements made in confinement
Murder wants a signature as well

Murder has clubbed with a feather
Murder can stab with a pen
Murder comes to all from little plastic buttons
Pressed by the mildest men

Murder comes in every shape and colour
Murder can be perfumed or smelly
And only one thing can be said for certain
Murder always has a navel on it’s belly

Murder has been managed in armour
Murder has hurt in a glove
Murder is like everything human
It has even been done for love