Fresh and Awesome Poems on Anger

Anger is an emotion. The physical effects of anger include increased heart rate, blood pressure, and levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Some view anger as part of the fight or flight brain response to the perceived threat of harm.

We have some new and latest poems on anger. You must read  this. you can send these poems to your friends and family members.

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1. Anger

anger is anger
anger makes you scream
anger makes you hate
anger takes control
anger want let go
anger wants you to hurt
anger wants you to sufer
anger makes you mad
anger makes you cry
anger turns people against you
anger is anger

2. The Anger Inside Me

Anger is deep within me
Anger is what I want to hear
Anger drives me crazy
Anger is what turns me on
Anger wants to kill me
Anger is what makes me mad
Anger inside me
Needs to stop
Where did it come from
Will it ever stop
My anger is uncontrollable
Anger lashes out at innocent victums
But, why, where, who, what
Brought me so much anger?
Everything makes more anger in me
Life full of pain
Is there ever gunna be an ending?

3. So Angry, so Sad

Anger is a form of fear
Anger is a force that can never die
Anger building up
Anger is a virus
Anger is a like vicious circle it goes,
around and around
The root of all evil
Anger is such a strong emotion
So angry,
So sad
Anger is bubbling away at me
I have good reason to be angry
No one understand,
No one cares
It tears out my heart

4. Anger, my enemy or my friend?

Anger is my enemy
There is a plenty of anger inside of me
I have to control it now but I don’t know how
My anger is part of my frustration
It fades my concentration in my ambition
It causes me plenty of trouble
It makes my life horrible
Anger form fears in my heart
It makes me broken apart
My body shakes with anger
It will not stop forever
I feel like I’m alone in this world
Nobody say to me any word

But the anger inside of me becomes my friend
It will never leave me till the end
My anger doesn’t leave me
It’s always there inside of me

5. Anger does not pay

Anger is red danger
But a familiar stranger

So It came as no surprise
At the times I have paid the price
More than the usual thrice
Before becoming very wise

The judge said
I should have been put in a cage
If one considers all the damage
I brought on with my rage

I knew
My anger was unreasonable
My anger was invincible
My anger was uncontrollable
But still very reversible

You see
In anger I always surrender
To the pressure I am under

In anger, I ungraciously lose
To the one I righteously accuse

In anger, I immoderately protest
Instead of letting things rest
Then trying responsibly to digest
And deal with issues best

So I say, So I say
Anger does not pay
Anger does not stay
Delay it from display
In time it will only go away

Now I know that
Anger does not pay
Anger does not stay
Calmness you should play
Before you begin to fall astray