Fresh and Awesome Poems on Red

Red is any of a number of similar colors evoked by light consisting predominantly of the longest wavelengths of light discernible by the human eye, in the wavelength range of roughly 630–740 nm.

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1. A Take on Red

Red for blood –
Pumping out a life;
Paling in a death;
Blushing in a feminine face –
Flushing out her puberty;
Stain a presage for the mother ready.

And red, a flag of hatred in the eye –
The brutal other side –
Blood-release of war;
The sundered heart!

But then the red of simple dress
To give a beauty all she needs –
And flaming hair
And flimsy lace of underwear
And passion in the wanton heart
And dreams of crimson stockinged legs apart –

The rawness in the fantasy that
Only red can be.

And I? To only seek for Autumn
Bleeding in her many hues
Of red and other sister colours –
Those of tiring summer;
The fall of evening chill,
To wake with mist of morn,
Until cerise of dawn
Presents another day.

2. My Red Poem

Here I write a red poem,
Sophie Tucker red,
‘The last of the red hot mama’s red’
It is a hard Tap Dancing Red,
St. Valentine’s red…
Cinnamon Apple scented red…
Georgio sweet smelling red,
Victoria Secret Red,
Morning sunrise red,
Red Hot lipstick red,
The blush on your cheeks red,
Happy Go Lucky Red,
Written with my flaming Pink Craylo Pen,
On this October day…
Oh you kid!

3. I Love Red

RED balloon
floating through frames
of Thirties celluloid

dusty RED
black feet dancing

rhode island RED
bustling scratchily
in the poo speckled straw

RED back
hiding in the cupboard
spinning her web

marxist RED
hiding under the bed
spinning in the Fifties

RED shoes
shining, dancing
dancing till death

carmine RED
shining on clowns’ noses
audience laughing

RED wine
dancing on drunks’ noses
everyone laughing

the RED queen
running faster and faster
growing smaller and smaller

deep RED
roses, richly perfumed
always remind me of you