Get Out of My Mind – Famous Anger Poems

When we are in love it feels like it will be forever. We put all our trust in the person we are in love with and we share our darkest secrets. When we feel that our beloved has not lived up to our expectations we are left feeling angry and bitter.

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Source: Family Friend Poems

1. Forget Forgiving!

You say it doesn’t matter,
It’s all in the past.
You never see my pain.
It’s behind a mask.
You say to forgive and forget.
I’m going to make the day you met me,
A day you’ll regret.

Get out of my mind.
Get out of my sight.
Stop begging. Don’t say please.
You’re not the best.
You’re like all the rest.

I don’t want a memory,
All you did was lie and cheat.
Memories get in my way.
I wish someone could ease the pain.
It’s time to let go and forget everything.
You said you loved me, I doubt it was true.
All I want to do is forget you!

Get out of my mind.
Get out of my sight.
Stop begging. Don’t say please.
You’re not the best.
You’re like all the rest.

You want me to forgive and forget.
I want to forgive you, but I’d rather forget you…

Forget Forgiving.
Why did I love you in the first place?
Forget Forgiving.
Get out of my face.
Forget Forgiving.
It’s not worth the pain.

2. Never Again Shall I Speak

I want to tell you all my secrets,
what lays beneath these brown eyes

If I were to tell you,
for me you would despise

For I know things no person should know
For I do things that should lay buried beneath snow.
I hate having to look at you with such coldness,
because I know it will leave only bitterness.
When I speak to you about my feelings you push me away,
you don’t know and realize you do,
but oh it hurts and I want you to hurt to.
My attitude reflexes only me
Shall I carry on an attitude, look, just let me be,
leave it alone let the matter be,
because the reason I have an attitude is because I’m tired of being me.
For when I speak to you
I want you to feel the coldness of my heart too.
You don’t and may not realize that this poem is dedicated to you,
Really its only a stress reliever,
for the pain you should feel to I hate you so much,
why I don’t know
Honestly my love, its maybe frustration and pain that is time for me to let go.
When you tell me to do something that seems like it is only in your interest,
you push me further away from doing it,
because its just seems pointless.
Just please leave me alone,
don’t talk to me because honestly,
never again shall I speak.

3. I’m Alone

Feeling alone, scared and deep despair
Did you know how much I cared?

You touched my heart and soul
But beat me down and raped my joy

Feeling lost, confused and can’t cope
Just because you couldn’t stay away from the dope

I tried to help you in life
Now I’m living with flashbacks and strife

You are sitting in a jail cell
While I’m facing the world of hell

Covering up my bruises
making so many excuses

Trying to face the world day by day
Not wanting these traumatic emotions to stay

I gave you everything I could give
Now emotionally I can barely live

You took everything from me
Will I ever be free

I loved you, obviously your love was untrue
Your evil and anger showed thru
I’m alone, scared, hurt and don’t know what to do

Source: Family Friend Poems