How Many Meters Can You Not See – Great Poems

When someone in the family is depressed, the whole family is affected. Depression is a silent disease that sucks the energy and joy out of a person’s life. If is very difficult for one has not experienced depression to understand its significance.

We have some new and latest poems on depression. You must read this. you can send these poems to your friends and family members.Just read the full collection of depression poem.

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Source: Family Friend Poems

1. Can You Not See

Can you not see this pain I have inside
For so long It had to hide

Pain surrounds me day by day
It just doesn’t seem to go away

Pain that comes and pain that goes
Pain that keeps you on your toes

There is pain in my heart
And it seems to never part

Pain stuffed inside of me
Can’t let anyone near me

Can’t let anyone see the real me
Can’t let anyone even hug me

It seems that nobody cares
still yet to bare

I cant take this pain anymore
I just want to walk out the door

2. So Many Things Going On

So many things going on in my head,
and so many things were said.
I been trying not to blow it cause my heart is afraid to show it.
I keep on thinking go away but what can I say it stays.
It’s like a bad dream but I can’t seem to make it disappear.
I don’t want to be here, and all this drama going on is so strong.
It’s too much pain, and it’s driving me insane.
All I hear is violence and I’m wishing for silence,
but all I hear is fighting on the phone and I wish he could be back home,
but I could see it won’t come true.
I want it to be just him, me, and you,
but she says she hates him and she wishes she never would of dated him,
and here they go there calling each other names,
and its bothering me and I still feel the pain.
I feel tears go down my eyes, and I notice I start to cry,
and all these tears are getting me scared it’s like people don’t even care,
but I’m thinking it’s not true. I’m so scared what can I do.
I sit and think and I realize I’m blue. I’m thinking one day we will be together,
but it’s probably not gonna come true. It’s a shame cause all I wanted was to be with you!!

3. Day By Day.

Each day I live, the pain consumes
What little sanity I have bloomed
Like walking in a cloud of fog
Falling down, sinking into smog

Life just seems grim
I think on a whim
Interest lost in everything I do
But what a life, who really knew?

Depressed to a fault, that all I see
Death just seems like the only way for me
A waste of time, I feel I am
But that’s its nature, a full mind jam

I try and try to ease the pain
A fallen effort with no gain
Thoughts begin to eat away
Makes me want to end it today

Uncomfortable around others for the way I feel
I pray and wish this all wasn’t real
Life just seems more like a prison
Caged, alone, an abomination risen

No one could ever understand
Why I would want my death sooner than planned
Its not something I want for me
But to end my suffering this is what has to be

So I write this all as I fall from grace
Down to this place, some barren waste
I know not how much longer I will last
But all I can do, is pray that this will just pass.

4. Darkness

Its like a plague that never goes away,
Or an animal and its pray,
It waits…
And waits…
And waits…until you’re ready,
Then closes in and devours you…
From the inside out.
ALL you see is shadows of the ones you once knew,
No more happiness,
No more laughter,
No more love,
Its like a thunderstorm that blocks your soul.
Your soul becomes a black hole,
Whatever said, heard, or learned,
Is forgotten, never brought up again,
No longer does anything matter,
Its all darkness,
Like a plague that never goes away.

Source: Family Friend Poems