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1. I’m in Love with You

I’m not supposed to love you

I’m not supposed to care

I’m not supposed to live my life

wishing you we’re there

I’m not supposed to wonder

where you are

or what you do

I’m sorry I can’t help myself

I’m in love with you

I am alone without you

2. Rain

The rain falling softly upon her face,
Takes her to a magical place.
The rain falling softly in her hair,
Lets her soul float upon the air.

The rain touching her lips,
Give her the breath of life in little sips.
The rain falling softly from the sky,
Lets her know that heaven,
Is where good souls fly.

Plz don’t leave me alone in this rain

3. All alone without you

We were like body and ecstasy so tight with each other.
You were my dream come true, it felt so real then suddenly turns into the worst nightmare that have me crying in my sleep. How could this be? why me?
You break me, you break my heart, you break everything!
I taught you said you will always love me, where is the love?

You use me, abuse me and now you just confuse me?
I miss you a little, well a little too much.
I’m sad that it’s over but I am more mad at how you handle it
Now am here in my mirror watching her cry and there is nothing I can do to make her feel right. I won’t smile for her to feel it’s all right because it aint:

I believe in karma and what goes around comes all the way back around.
what you did to me is unforgivable and you’ll pay for it on your own.
I wish I had died from a broken heart than to suffer this pain no words can explain. I miss you and I can’t stop thinking of you.Now your the past!

4. Without you I’m alone

I know you’re always there,
When no one seems to care.
Without you I’m alone,
With you my life go on.

Thank you for making me smile,
Although at times you’re making me cry.
You added into my life so much happiness,
And thank you for taking away all my sadness.

I need you for all time,
I want you to be forever mine.
I wish you were here day and night,
You’re my life,

I’m sorry for treating you so bad,
Please don’t get mad.
Doubting you more often isn’t right,
But I promise I’m swallowing my pride.

I love you because you’re being true,
And you complete my whole life through.
You appreciate every little thing I do,
And the most important is you love me too.

Plz don’t leave me alone in this rain