I Believe in The God – Inspirational Religious Poems

Religion is the act of attempting to map out a path to achieving consistent spiritual goals. Unfortunately, religion has sometimes fall into the hands of some wacky people. If someone comes to you and professes to be able to solve your problems by some religious or spiritual path, beware! Life will always be difficult.

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Source: Family Friend Poems

1. I Believe

I Believe in the God who created the heavens and the Earth
The greed in money
The peace you find in your own home
The power of friendship

But I don’t believe there’s always a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

I believe in a never ending life
I believe in a second chance
I believe in the rights and wrongs of punishment

And I believe that if you try hard in life, never give up, go higher than your circumstances and reach for new heights, that you will be what YOU want to be.

2. Thank You Lord

I wish to thank you Lord
For allowing me to be a mother
I accept these precious gifts you’ve bestowed upon me wholeheartedly
I pledge to raise these miracles to reflect your light
I promise to cherish them
I will love them unconditionally
I will take them by the hand and guide them through life
I will teach them right from wrong
I will share with them patience, kindness, gentleness, joy, and laughter
I will show them compassion, understanding, thoughtfulness, and gentleness
I will shine upon them faith, truth, and prayer
I will pick them up when they fall
I will dry their eyes when they cry
I will comfort them when they are sick
I will calm them down when they have fears
I will instruct them that it is because of YOU that they have life


3. Waking Up

Dressed in blood praying to the Lord,
Killing for pleasure feeling no remorse,
Religions misinterpreted, the Books wrongly read,
Instead of spreading knowledge its hatred that is spread.
Humanity lost, the religions disrespected,
They say its the work of Lord,
Tell that to the ones whose dear ones are dead.
Inhuman to the core, the Lord cries,
His work has been misunderstood,
His message has been destroyed.

Love is the religion of man,
There is no greater religion then love.
Its peace and forgiveness losing hope,
With battles fought the holocaust is gore.
Our forefathers fought for peace, for freedom,
Crying in their graves they feel helpless,
Their children don’t respect their freedom,
Cause hatred has filled their blood.
Destroying the world there is no remorse,
When was the last time, time was spent in appreciation,
Appreciation of what we have, what God has given us,
The seven colored wonder, the blooming flowers,
The flowing rivers, the vastness of the oceans.
The paradise, it is being lost,
The Lords dream is being lost.
He quietly looks down from the heavens above,
With tears in his eyes his children killing each other.

Source: Family Friend Poems