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1. A Loving Dad

I wish I had my dad by my side
Just thinking of him makes me cry
Never being able to get to know him
Hurts me inside everyday that goes by
The stories I hear
To my eyes they bring a tear
Before I had to say good-bye
I wish with him I had more time
My mom lets me know how much he cared
Since I was too young to have my own memories to share
Seeing pictures of him I want to know
Why so soon he had to go
Good things that he did to help someone else
Hearing about that just makes my heart melt
I just hoped that the time with him could have been longer
Because I know he was a loving husband and father
I am sad that we are apart
I miss my dad with all my heart

2. I Miss You, Dear Dad

You worked so hard, you gave so much.
You never asked for anything in return.
You never complained, or said a bad word.
I admired you since I was a very small child.
As I became a woman, that admiration only grew.
I loved you, and oh how I still love you.
I want to hold you one more time, but it’s not to be.
You had to go, I understand…you could no longer stay.
I’m lost without you, but I’ll work hard to try to find my way.
I know that’s the way you would want it.
I’ll try to be strong like you Dad.
I’ve been knocked down, and have to get up again.
I’m scared Dad. I miss your strong shoulder’s to lean on.
I miss your goofiness, and laughter, and fun.
Your smile always did light up the room.
Everything about you was interesting, and unique.
You’re my hero Dad…and, always will be.

3. Dear Father in Heaven

Thank you
for being my Father
for loving and carrying me
for be there in every moment of life

You never tired listening my prayer
You comfort me when I am sad
You laugh with me when I am Glad

Your smile makes my life bright
Your wisdom guide every step I take

You are the sun of my little world
You are my Greatest Father
my lovely Father
I miss my Father so mouch

4. My Father

My father is so cute
That he got me a flute
My father is so sweet
That I like to touch his feet

My father is so nice
And also too much wise
My father is so good
That he always ask me food

My father kicks me twice
Whenever I tell lice
My father is so healthy
That he need not to be healthy

My father is so bold
That he has never suffered cold
My father is so strong
That he can go against wrong

My father’s hands are so long
That they never let me sing a song
My father dries my tears at a touch
That is why I love him so much
I love you and miss you dad

source: Family Poems