Impressive and Stunning Short Poems on Peace

Peace is a quality describing a society or a relationship that is operating harmoniously.

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1. Peace to the world.

Peace to the world
Like a flower in the sky
Peace-overcoming evil with good be

Give me peace I won’t cry anymore
White dove symbol of peace
Peace can be found deep down in the heart
Peace in the winds that sleep upon the deep

I want peace
Peace in my personal space
I want peace in my feelings
Cloth me in white
The color of peace

2. Peaceful Prayers

Let there be peace in the world.
Let us all see peace and not war.
Let us all have peace in the world.
Let all our statesmen know no violence,
Let all love peace with warm vehemence,
Let all be clothed with passionate patience,
Let all respect peace with real reverence.
Let peace pervade every political terrain,
Let peace calm the spirits of every domain,
Let peace be at peace with every reign,
Let each achieve peace with poor pain.
Peace, to you we plead: come to us.
Peace, we entreat you: deign on us.
Peace, we want you: envelope us.
Let our homes be adorned with peace,
Let our streets be paved with peace,
Let our cities be set on a hilltop of peace.
Let peace taint our every thought.
Let there be peace, let peace never cease
Let there be peace, let war forever cease.

3. All We Want Is Peace (Please)

Peace, Peace, Please,
Please, Peace, Please,

There’s something we should do
That’s not been done
Something we can win
That’s not been won
Something we can SHOUT OUT
To end all their brutal war games
We Want Peace

Case for war was fake,
Don’t let it fade
More lives can be saved
Got to be brave
Something we can shout out,
We want peace, and we want it right now
Talking is Free

All we want is Peace
All we need is Peace
All we ask is Peace, Please
Peace is all we want

All we crave is Peace
All we miss is Peace
All we lack is Peace
Peace is all we want

Something we can ask,
Before it’s blown
Something we can grow
Before it’s grown
Small green shoots of Peace
To educate next infancy
Believe me

All we want is Peace
All we crave is Peace
All we wish is Peace, please

Peace is all we ask
It’s not a big task
Believe me
It’s easy.

All we want is Peace, All we want is Peace,
All we need is Peace, All we need is Peace.
Peace is all we want,
Peace is all we want
Peace is all we need,
Peace is all we need

4. Peace Came

When peace came, I showered
Under streaming light–
Silent; settling, effectuating over all, the
Comfort drunk from Mother’s breast.

And rays channelled through
The greys of ancient gloom
That paste the hopelessness of
Dying on the battlefield, or

The losing out upon a risk
In love, or

Byes to precious life
– a husband, child, a wife,

Or failure:
Crashed careers; bleak depression,
The fallen; ruined, spurned;
The covering in
Veneers of rasping blight.

When peace came, a gate begged
A gentle path inviting me to
Stroll through verdant fields of spring,
Bristling with a bouncing life
Of colour; flowers cheering to
The air ‘We have a chance in nature! ’

When peace came, my addled head was
Reconciling, airing, ringing true–
The sense of crushing pressure dead;
Instead, I flamed a faith anew!

When peace came, I saw our youth
Inside a multicultural womb; our
Death was pointing to a proud
And glorious tomb engraved with words of
Freedom for the soul that was when
Once a body whence it thrived.

When peace came, there happened you:
A fragrance dancing ‘gainst a new and
Frightened innocence of beauty
– eyes ready; slenderness in caring arms;
A tender skin to be caressed.

And we were blessed by starting fresh;
A rhythm of pervading warmth;