It’s Time to Say Goodbye – Short Baby Death Poems

Death of a loved one is always a cause for mourning. However, when a baby dies, there is a sadness that goes beyond normal grief. We are programmed to expect that the old outlive the young. When a person who has lived a full life passes away, there is a sense that everything is as it should be.

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Source: Teen Poems

1. Good Bye

It’s time to say goodbye
and we don’t understand why
today is the day we lay
our little man to rest
everyone knows he was the best
he was our miracle our dream come true
and we are here to comfort you
though today we say goodbye
just remember he never really dies
for in our hearts his spirit lies
if he could talk I know he’d say
mommy daddy please don’t cry
for I am not gone imp flying high
imp that brand new twinkle in the sky
I know one day I’ll see you again
and until then
hold your heads up high
and just remember imp standing by
for imp the light of the moon
and the sunlight in the sky
so please be strong and it won’t be long
till we’re together again
love your little man

2. Little Angel Unknown

A little angel unknown I, am, my place is as an angel in a secret land.
I didn’t have a name as such, you didn’t get the chance,
I wasn’t meant to live on earth just touch you by the hand.
I’ve been sent to touch your lives and I know you’ll think that cruel,
but its only special people that are chosen exceptions to the rules.
I knew you would love me from the very start,
from that first sighting & beating of my tiny heart,
so I know that it will hurt you that you have to say goodbye,
but I am your guardian angel now and I’ll dry the tears from your eyes.
I’ll be there by your side wherever you now go,
I will hear you speak of me often & what I might have been if I’d grown,
I’ll be the special angel in the picture that you have,
I’ll remind you of my brother & my dad,
I’ll have your little features all of you as one
& I’ll love you always as my special mum.
You might not have got to see me as a living breathing thing,
but I’ll be the ribbon around your heart and my love will be deep within,
this pleasure I promise will be mine,
to be your guardian angel from now until the end of time.
I’ll gift you with my presence every night within your dreams,
walk always as your special unknown angel
gifted to you within just for a short while,
so think of me often and smile,
For I, am your very own special unknown gifted child.

3. Balloons

I wonder what color my balloons will be,
but as an Aunt it doesn’t matter to me.
It can be many colors, I choose red, green and yellow,
I think I will pick a color for a fellow.
I will let that yellow one go to the sky
and it will fly very high.
Until it reaches heaven for a boy
and he will be filled with so much joy.
I will keep the other two balloons for his brothers and sisters.
And they will be filled with Jobey’s whispers.
Jobey didn’t live very long and so
his mother and father had to let him go.
He will always be in our hearts,
He will be forever our special sweetheart.
So anytime you see a balloon float by,
think of that someone you love in the sky.

Source: Teen Poems