Lovely and Sweet Pink Poems Awesome Selection

Pink is a pale red color; the use of the word for the color was first recorded in the late 17th century, describing the flowers of pinks, flowering plants in the genus Dianthus. Pink itself is a combination of red and white.

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1. The Colour Pink

When the baby was born a lovely pink
From a pink nipple it did drink
Just before the journey home
It was dressed in pink
It’s tiny socks were a wooley pink
It’s bassinette was also pink
It was placed in a black convertable
The upholstery was a lovely pink
Then they arrived home at last
To be greeted by a hot pink house
Where it had a lovely bath
A pink bubble bath
In a plastic pink tub
Then mother put it to bed
In it’s little pink cot
With it’s lovely pink Quilt
And it’s pink teddy bear
No wonder my baby brother
Thought he was a little girl
When they put a pink ribbon
In his curls

2. A man with a pink umbrella

Pink day

Pink hedge

Pink porch

Pink balcony

Pink woman

Pink ghost on a pink road!

Pink door

Pink hello

Pink dream

Pink sparrow

Pink night
3. Pink is my colour

Pink pants and rosy plants
Pink blouses, never failing to arouse spouses

Pink hot feverish lips
Passionate pants of pink
Love letters dipped in pink ink

You see! You see!

Pink is my colour
Pink is the sweet side of wild
Quite mild
Like a little lost baby child
Of all the colours compiled
Pink is romantic and disarming
All pink roses are ever so charming

Pink is my colour
The fruit juices I drink
Are always colour pink
With favourable odours
Igniting my fire making me desire more and more
Think! Think! Pink always links
With erotic pleasant stinks
Those flirty winks
Combining with pink
Creating an effect of kink, kink, kinky!

Pink is my colour
Refined or raw
Pink is my colour
And the colour of my door
Pink is my colour
And the only colour I adore

4. Pink Pill Popper

I love the colour pink
When i drink
The liquid has to be Pink
When i think
I think pink
My Pop Stars
Wear pink
My pills are pink
When i write my ink is pink
When my stomach has to be pumped
The residue is pink
Bright pink

5. A wold made of pink

It’s just a new obsession
A color which makes me go insane
Pink is not any kind of fiction
Pink always helps me gain
Faith, confidence and everything I need
Trust, joy and a bit of laughter
This color helps me succeed
Pink is the color of my eyes
Only when I look at you
Pink makes me an angel in disguise
It’s the color which brings joy to me and my crew
Pink is a color so mighty, so great
Pink is the color my face
Turns when I’m late
Pink is the color which nothing can replace
It’s the color which I can’t stop thinking of
Neither day nor night
Pink symbolizes my love
Pink is the color of the light
Which shines in my heart for you
It’s the color of a wonderland
This color shouldn’t be withdrew
It’s the color of my imaginary sand
Pink is the color my cat wants to be
Pink is the color of the sun which shines
Pink is the color the world can see
Pink is the color which gives me signs