Mirror Poems Fresh and Awesome Selection

A mirror is an object with at least one reflective surface. The most familiar type of mirror is the plane mirror, which has a flat surface.

Curved mirrors are also used, to produce magnified or diminished images or focus light or simply distort the reflected image.

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1. The Mirror Struggled

The mirror struggled; reflecting beauty such as hers
Prescribed a glory in the challenge – a fairytale
Or such as like! To shimmer back hypnotic hues
From auras of her skin – how do mirrors cope?
Hoary tales of pretty adolescent buds
Could never hope to match the tomes of dreamy
Pulchritude apprising us of such a belle as she.

The mirror shone; and as it worked itself, a moment –
Did it overlook the hidden melancholy?
Were melting eyes bedewed–? Florid lips imbued
With mournfulness? The hindrance of the silver glass!
Oh! to seek – to know the meaning of the sorrow!
She (with tearful hair, an image out of heaven)
Never opened up her heart. The mirror struggled.

2. Mirror

Mirror is true friend of man
It tries to keep us in right path
My best friend is mirror

Mirror is true reflecter of everything
It tries to give it, s true opinion
My best friend is mirror

Mirror is sincere with everyone
It tells us what is sincerety
My best friend is mirror

Mirror is faithful to every one
It never gives sorrow
My best friend is mirror

Mirror is of resolute mind
It never gives you in distress
My best friend is mirror

Mirror is true reformer of the world
It tries to make civilized
My best friend is mirror

Mirror is very simple and straight
It never deceives you
My best friend is mirror

3. Tearful Eyes

The mirror laughed; it gleaned my thoughts
And saw me cry my want:
Synthetic views – pathetic clues
To how I tick – and now you taunt,
You bleeding mirror, jibe another!
Just because I dream…

To be the mighty hero wise!
And perch atop the sodden hill
Of blood and pungent death,
To lead our race from sure demise.
Let’s regain, collect, and rest
Before the battle slams
Our dauntless nerve. And now to rise!
Come follow me – we’ll slay the foe!
See my cloak unfurl.
Through screams and wails, he fails and dies.
Look! he falls across his minions’
Path. I laugh aloud.
My warriors hold me to the skies.
Overhead the clouds recede,
Thinning out the black.

And then I fade in pallid lies.
Returning back to conscious state,
I let the mirror slate me:
Fathoming my remote disguise,
Reflecting back my hopeless lot.
Oh to smash the thing!
If I could see through tearful eyes.