Nice and Decent Fresh Poems on Hair

Hair is a filament, mostly protein, that grows from follicles found in the dermis. The human body, apart from the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, is covered in follicles which produce thick terminal and fine vellus hair.

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1. Aish is all graceful

Be in ultra modern jeans, with hair cropped,
Be in curves with a bikini, with hair cascading,
Be in swimming suit, with hair dripping,
Be in top and middy, with hair thrown back,
Be in velvet chudidhar, with hair hiding the cheeks,
Be in saree and blouse, with hair loosely knotted,
Be with chemise on breasts, with hair permed and ornamented,
Be on cotton saree, with hair made to bun,
Be in half saree and blouse, with hair tightly plaited,
Or be in any fashion that comes into being,
The actress Aish is blooming and beaming,
What not is the fashion or style for Aish, all the grace?

2. To Much Hair

There is thin hair,
heavy hair,

There is gray hair,
and red hair,

then there is no hair,
I will be hair
for you forever,

every hair you go,
I will go hair to.

3. Rope hair woman

Rope hair woman
Where you’re off to tonight
Rope hair woman
You’re lookin’ out of sight
O rope hair woman
I love with all my might
Rope hair woman if you could if you can
Let me be your dread lock man.
Dread lock man
Can you understand
That a rope hair woman
Does all that she can
To move you to that sexual point
Better then your hand
O rope hair woman
Here is my plain
Rope hair woman I will give
Up my womanly man
O rope hair woman
The world can understand
That you want a dread lock man.

4. Free Will

Men cut their hair-
Men cut their hair to show hate and depair, a skinhead as clear as the
as a swastika there.
Men cut their hair to show Budha is there, a monk enlightened wanting to
Men cut their hair just to feel the night air on hot summer day it is
better to wear.
These are the reasons men cut their hair.

Men grow hair long-
Men grow hair long when they are feeling a song, they find peace in their
heart with the hair they won’t part.
Men grow hair long to braid with a feather, to bond with an eagle a tribe
is forever.
Men grow hair long too busy in life, till they are reminded to cut it by a
bothersome wife.
These are the reasons men grow their hair long.