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1. Being wise and fool

Big gain big loss is a risk.
No gain no loss is secure.
Small gain small loss is safe.
Small gain no loss is wise.
Big gain no loss is luck
Small gain big loss is a foolery.
We have recourse to all these
Somewhere sometime impulsively.

2. The Pain Of Loss Is Just To Much

I don’t understand,
The pain of loss is to much.
Is that why I can’t say sorry,
The pain of loss is to much.
I still love him,
The pain of loss is to much.
He gives me pain,
The pain of loss is to much.
I sense in coming,
The pain of loss is to much.
The pain to me,
From him,
The pain of loss is just to much.

3. Loss of Time

A forgotten time
A forgotten society
A forgotten land
A forgotten people
A time of peace
A time of war
A time of grieving
A time of celebration
A time of loss
A loss of knowledge
A loss of dignity
A loss of loved ones
A loss of sanity
A loss of peace
A beginning of a new time
A beginning of new life
A beginning of new knowledge
A beginning of new peace
A beginning of new war
Its all a cycle
From a new beginning
To loss
To a time of difference
Till it is all forgotten
And a new beginning is forged.

4. That Trinket Most Treasured

My gaze holds steady as a quantity of stone
Unbreaking, unyielding from its course
My focus stilled, but mind has flown
To vital stillness my sinew enforced
A draught of thine lips my ‘magination stirs
To feel thy breasts sigh and taste thy kiss
Brazen now by hazed memory’s liqueurs
But stoically resolved in true love’s tryst

How I yearn to rise from this calamitous dream
For we are cursed eternal – plagued as only lovers know
A true union eludes possibility, our fabric torn at the seam
Two fibers forever matching without a needle to sew
I ponder still if t’would be better matched
To have never exposed my chest undefended
If thy embrace so perfect is by agony too scratched
That I would prefer to have never known your taste so splendid

But I realize the fidelity of my sinner’s ways
A fleeting moment was all I’ve earned
And that breath of time was not mine but ours
A treasured trinket forever praised
A passion felt and slowly burned
A flawless facet, hidden among the stars