Practicing Poems on Daughter

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1. Mother and Daughter Love

Mother and daughter love can be so fun…
A mother should love her daughter at all time
A mother have connection with her daughter
A daughter should love there mother with in and with out
A daughter should talk to her about anything with each other
A mother and daughter should love each other
That what some people call mother and daughter love

2. Three Sisters

First daughter makes she say
Second daughter goes far away
Third daughter takes another day

3. My Daughter

We cannot raise the dead my daughter,
Love again is far,
Forage not in all the wreckage, dry your tears again
So raise your head, my daughter
and walk with me again
Through this murder may your spirit rise
As though an angel here
Could appear appear an angel dear
For you, my daughter, are mine.
Cannot we feel the blood she cries,
The soul that weeps so cold?
Ignore her purpose and let her die
Good, my daughter, say goodbye
To all the love your family had
For ours has gone away
The tears you weep in vain,
My daughter,
The tears you weep are lost.
Raise your head my precious daughter now,
For help has come our way
Though the help they give, the help they have,
Is far too late my daughter
My daughter you have seen the cold
Watched your mother fade away
The glimmer in her eyes
The emptiness we cannot disguise
The murder you have felt.
Try try my daughter, try again,
To once again love another,
Though haunted nights pass slowly now
And leave you cold and lost
May love again give you a meaning
When all you’ve known is pain
Yes, yes, my daughter, lie down again
For you have met your end.

4. Father And Daughter

Father and daughter spend some quiet time together in the living room
Shining through the curtain is the sun
And outside is the glorious afternoon

Father reads to his daughter the poetry she loves
Father and daughter enjoy each other’s company
Father takes his daughter by the hand
As they take a walk outside

Father cares for his daughter
And always wishes the very best to happen for her