Prestigious and Great Poems about God

The supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe; the object of worship in monotheistic religions.

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1. God it Hurts

I said ‘God it hurts’
And God said ‘I Know’
I said ‘God I cry alot’
And God said ‘That’s why I gave you tears’
I said ‘God I get so depressed’
And God said ‘That why I gave you sunshine’
I said god I feel Alone’
And god said ‘That’s why I gave you loved ones’
I said ‘god my loved one is dead’
And God said’I watched mine nailed to the cross’
I said God ‘Where are they? ‘
And God said ‘Mine is on my right and yours is in the light.
I said ‘God it hurts’
And God said ‘I know’

2. Thank God

thank god thank god thank god thank god
thank god thank god thank god thank god
thank god thank god thank god thank god
you are in love with me
thank god
you are alive
thank god
you care about me
thank god
i now you
thank god
i love you so much
thank god
i say good bye
thank god
i love you and care about you

3. I Think I Need a God

I think I need a god – but whom to choose?
A raft of deities; I’m sure to lose
My sense in search. And what about a church?

And of their role – direct communication–?
Mediation–? that imbroglio; the
Rigmarole of what they call religion.

Will they tell me what I have to do–?
How to pray, obey the laws: construe
The mandate; follow fast in their tradition –
All the fundamentals? Much ambition
Is required, I think! Where’s the drink?
A brandy please, for disconcerted minds.

Ah…warming…and indeed revealing…
Yes, I see – the reason for the many gods:
An anachronism; rationale from
Our primeval brains: When early Man
Evolved along the tree, a new survival
Tool emerged. We call it cogitation –
Cerebral aptitude for modelling all
We see in our environment – but then we
Started thinking of our mighty world,
How it all began, unfurled, and why?
It had to be the sun – no, the stars, no,
A special kind of entity:
Invisible, omnipotent, and, er…shy:
A god!

Dear, oh dear; so do I need a god –?
A legacy of early exposition;
Revelationary evolution:
Memes, enforced upon impressionable youth,
Variegating into multitudinous
Delusions, packaged into institutions;

Just an overwhelming whim from our
Imagination, all in effort for
An explanation – but all too much for me to
Understand. I think I need a god.