Teenage is The Best Age – Poem About Teenagers Life

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Source: Teen Poems

1. Liar

Why does life have to be so hard?

People tell you to live life to the fullest but even if you live life to the fullest you can still get hurt on the way there!!!

I wish life could be like a book that is perfect from begging to end!

Why do some guys have to play with your mind is there goal to traumatize you from ever trusting them again?!?

Who do singers sing love songs that have a happy ending?

Why don’t we have directions on how to live a happy life where no gets there heart broke?

Why does life have to be so hard?

2. I Am.

I’m from cute boys that break your heart
To best friends that never will
I’m from soakin’ up the sweet summer rays
to chillin’ in the cool winter
I’m from a softball hit 60 mph hour at me
To watching it fly as I slide into home
I’m from friends who care
To people who think I’m air
I’m from acting all that
To getting what I deserve
I’m from crying in the hospital
To holding my dead grandpa’s hand
I’m from crying myself to sleep
To waking up and feeling like crap
I’m from “way to go” and “great job”
To “what were you thinking”
I’m from fitting in
To being a total social outcast
Honestly, where am I from?

Source: Teen Poems