To My Darling Daughter – Cute Poems

In many traditional cultures, fathers and mothers would pray for a boy who would be able to help in the field. In these cultures, the value of daughter was not understood.

A father has a special relationship with his daughter as she will judge all men by his standard.

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Source: Family Poems

1. My Little Girl

To my darling daughter
you came into my life.
Like the promise of a
new sunrise.

You eyes filled
with awe at this
new world you

The joy that
was in my
heart the day
you arrived.

Watching you first
Crawl, walk and grow.
With each step you
took I knew to soon
you’d be on your way.

Now a beautiful young
lady stands before me.
With her smiling face.

Her dark brown eyes
look at me now.
I hear words
say “Daddy I love”

As she turns and
walks out the door
her first date.

I find it hard to
let her go.
l I know my little
girl is almost grow.

I say a little prayer
as she walks away
and a tear forms.
Than it works it’s
way down my cheek.

2. Mother And Daughter

you’re the one who made me be here today
if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t know what to say
we always fight
sometimes none of us are right
u need to take some time and think
before I turn away and blink
I’m not the little girl I use to be
just stop for a moment and you will see
I’ll walk out and walk away
I’ll be back just don’t tell me I need to stay
we need some time to be apart
don’t worry I won’t break your heart
I can’t take it anymore, you yell at me
like I said I’m not the little girl I used to be

3. Dad’s Love

On sunny days and dark nights,
in troubled times and pointless fights,
you’ve been right there through it all,
you’ve stood your ground when you could have taken the fall.
Many times my mouth has slipped free,
but you were always there to put it back where it was supposed to be.
You’ve taught me a lot, and a lot I have learned.
You’ve given me the tables and many I have turned.
You deserve the world, but only a poem I could give,
but another gift I have given is to learn that the life of a father is an awesome life to live.
Thank you dad for your love

4. My Daughter

I got something special to say,
I wish you the happiness,
On this your special day.

The first time that I saw you,
My heart was filled with Love,
But now that you’re 21,
You’ll need a little shove.

I’d never change a thing in you,
I thank God you are so fine,
Even when your at your worst,
I’m proud that you are mine.

I know I’m not the perfect Mom,
But It’s the best that I can do,
For everyday, I thank the lord,
For a Daughter as special as You!