Unforgettable and Breathtaking Poems on Football

A football is a ball used to play one of the various sports known as football. In the distant past, crude balls such as inflated pigs’ bladders were used, but balls are now designed by teams of engineers to exacting specifications.

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Football, glorious football.
Don’t care what it looks like -.
Burned! Underdone! Crude!
Don’t care what those crooks like.
Just thinking of growing fat.-
Our senses go reeling.
One moment of knowing that
Full-up feeling from sitting on
the couch!
Football, glorious football!
What wouldn’t we give for
That extra bit more,
that’s all that we should live for.
Why should we be fated
to do nothing but brood
on football,
magical football,
wonderful football,
marvelous football,
fabulous football,
beautiful football,
glorious football!

2. This Is The Football Season

This is the football Season it is that time of year
When men in the pub talk football as they enjoy their beer
And look forward to September when one club will fly the winner’s flag
The team that wins the Premiership gives their fans the right to brag.

Their wives nicknamed the footy widows their husbands at the football club
Or after work talking football with their mates down at the local pub
They take football so seriously ’tis their passion in life
The footy fan loves his football club as much as his children or his wife.

And if their team lose at the weekend they feel and look so sad
What’s known as football addiction they seem to have it bad
They feel sad for their football team and the chance of four premiership points gone
But they cheer up and look forward to next weekend’s game as the working week wears on.

This is the football Season football has gone to their head
And their football scarves and beanies they even wear to bed
About their team they feel so passionate as if to them it did belong
And ’tis with delight and pride in victory that they sing the club song.

3. Tis Football

Tis football is the big World game of today
Grid Iron the big game of the U S of A,
Rugby League, Rugby Union and Aussie Rules Football
And soccer the biggest World game of them all
Gaelic Football a field game the Irish do play
Football in it’s many codes the big World game of today
Football supporters Worldwide their team and their club colours wear
And in International games in their National colours they even dye their hair
Some men love their football team as much as their parents, children or wives
Yes football is one of the great loves of their lives
When their team does win the club song they do sing
But a loss to their weekend great sadness does bring
All over the World many codes of football
And to each their own code the best game of all.

4. Football Versus Cricket

What’s common to football and cricket?
They both have eleven players on each side.
Other than this striking similarity,
both games show contrasts aplenty.

While football is played by nations many,
cricket is played by not too many.
Football is fast with frenzied activity.
In contrast cricket can be slow and steady.

A sheer ninety minutes is what a football game takes;
while five long days is what a cricket match might take.
The football game is incredibly simple with fewer rules
but cricket is played with too many rules.

A football game needs just an open stretch of land,
a ball and a few sticks as a goal post to get started.
In cricket, the joys of batting, scoring fours and sixes,
bowling and fielding remain unparalleled.

With cricket, there’s too much fuss and hype
while football is a game of the serious type.
With cricket, the euphoria takes longer to subside.
In a football game, the excitement you can hardly hide.

While a football game can be exhilarating,
a cricket match can be scintillating.
While match fixing may be rampant in cricket,
in football it is believed to be non-existent.

In cricket every falling wicket
results in a sigh or delightful cry.
In football, too every goal scored
is accompanied by a joyous cry or sigh.