10th Week of Pregnancy Development – Week by Week Pregnancy Calendar

ongratulations! You are now in the final stages of the first trimester. This means the morning sickness will soon be gone and you can start sharing your happy news if you haven’t already done so. By now the risk for miscarriage has decreased significantly and you should be already be taking prenatal vitamins.

Most new moms to be won’t start planning or look at baby names until the first trimester. Now, that is coming close, you can start enjoying your pregnancy and stop worrying so much. At this stage of pregnancy, your OB/GYN should have all of the family history and any knowledge of medical conditions in either the mother or the father’s family.

At week ten, you should already have a plan of exercise and perhaps an adjusted diet plan. You don’t have to work like a madwoman but take it slow and don’t over do it. Stay away from activities like skiing, horseback riding and high impact aerobics. If you are now sure what exercises you should be doing, most video stores sell DVD exercises routines geared towards pregnant women. Or you can consult your doctor as to what exercises will also help you relax more.

Baby’s Development

The baby should measure in at 1.25” to 1.68”, the baby will continue to gain weight at the tenth week, and you should see a weight of about 5 grams. Don’t panic if the numbers are a little low or higher, every baby is different and the doctors are also monitoring the size of the baby. Also, at this stage the baby’s frame will be completely formed and now the baby’s organs and systems are continuing to develop.

The tail of the embryo has now disappeared and the fingers and toes are started to separate. The teeth and the taste buds are forming. The baby’s brain is still forming at an amazing rate. The baby’s heart is now fully developed. As the months go on, the baby will continue to grow and develop where all the organs are fully functional and all that is left is the baby for grow, gain weight before they are born. As you will see in the sonograms, the growth of the unborn baby is really amazing.

Changes To Your Body

You will now be experiencing many new symptoms of pregnancy by now. One of the most noticeable changes is the increased levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones. As these levels increase you will have tender breast and maybe some swelling of the breasts as well. You may still be tired and fatigued easily, it is very important for you to take it easy and listen to your body. You may be still having morning sickness but that will soon be coming to an end and that is something to look forward to. Some new moms to be may experience abdominal pain but that may be due to the baby growing bigger in the uterus.

Pregnant women have an exceptional increase in the sense of smell. They are more sensitive to it and that could contribute to some nausea along the way. You may be still craving, certain foods. It is ok to indulge in your cravings but try to keep them in moderation. Gaining too much weight to soon is not good for mother or baby.

You also may notice that you are experiencing more headaches as well as some lightheadedness and dizziness. This is due to the hormonal change. It is important to stay hydrated and always keep something in your purse if you are prone to low blood sugar. Talk to your doctor and see what types of snacks they can recommend in case you start to feel dizzy or nausea.

What To Expect

During the next 8 months, you are going to have many ranges of emotion. You will feel everything from excited to hesitation. Everything that you are feeling is normal. The idea is to share both of your happy moments and the moments where you are emotionally spent with your partner. They cannot be involved in carrying the baby so they want to feel like they can be help to you in other ways. Take advantage of that. If you have any medical concerns, ask your doctor no matter how silly you may think they are.

You will want to have a plan for better eating habits. If you are used to eating on the run and eating fast food. You have to cut out the fast food and practice slowing down to eat a meal. Make a point of sharing your meals with someone, this will make sure that you take the time to sit and enjoy your food. This will help with digestion, which will help alleviate heartburn. After a meal, take a walk, this will ensure proper digestion and almost guarantee that you won’t experience heartburn. Never take any over the counter heartburn medication without speaking to the doctor first.


At this week in pregnancy, you can still continue to do everything you have been doing. There are no real changes that have to made yet. You want to discuss with your doctor a possible food list of items that you should be staying away from. We already know that smoking and alcohol are bad for the baby and if you consume either one, it should stop from the second that you find out that you are pregnant.

Now, is the time to read the baby books and see what you are in for. Choose one books because all the books basically say the same things. If you have any questions, refer to your doctor and not the book. The doctor is more familiar with your pregnancy. These pregnancy books are great references points but they cannot detail every woman’s situation.

You can join many forums on the Internet that are for new moms to be only. You can talk to other moms and you will see that many of them relate to everything that you are going through. It may help to talk to someone who is experiencing the same thing that you are.