12th Weeks of Pregnancy: Now Baby Looks like Human

The body is now straighter and the first bone tissue appears. The face is formed with a chin, high forehead and small button nose. The eyes are developed and although they are shut tight with sealed eyelids, they now show reflexive movements. The ears are visible but are still small.

Congratulations! You have entered into the second trimester. If you haven’t announced your pregnancy, now is a good of time as any. Some women may feel a sense of relief as they enter into the second trimester. They may relax more and start to enjoy being pregnant. Some women may have started to show while others may not. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see any physical changes, the important thing is that the internal changes are developing at a nice pace.

Physically, you will start to feel less nausea and less tired. It is still best not to exert yourself but do everything in moderation. You will see your energy levels increase, now would be a good time to implement an exercise program such as low impact aerobics or yoga. By starting a moderate exercise program you can stay healthy during the pregnancy. Exercise during the pregnancy will also help your body recover quicker than someone who did not exercise.

Baby’s Development

As you enter into the second trimester, the baby is growing quickly in the 12th week of pregnancy. The brain will start producing hormones and the nerve cells are multiplying very quickly. The baby will start to suck and swallow food. The kidneys will start to actually produce urine as opposed to amniotic fluid. If things are progressing the baby will grow in size and in length.

The muscles are beginning to respond to the brain like arm bending and opening and closing their fists. You can make out the features can be made out when the baby has their lips puckered or pinching of the eyebrows. The umbilical cord will start to circulate blood. The baby’s eyes and ears will start to become more proportionate to the baby’s face.

As the weeks and months go by you will see some really special changes. The baby will almost grow right in front of your eyes. This is a special time for the dad, he cannot help carry the baby and he cannot feel the kicks and the changes that are happening. So for him to see the growth and development on the sonograms, it is a very special time for him.

Changes To Your Body

During the twelfth week of pregnancy, the uterus is continuing to grow, as the baby gets bigger. This will soon cause the new mom to be to show off her baby bump. Your weight will increase to 2 to 3 pounds extra. You may also notice some changes to your own skin color, if you have freckles they can become darker during pregnancy. In some women, the may notice a dark line starting from the center of the abdomen but it will disappear after the baby is born.
Every woman is different and while some women develop brown patches on their skin while pregnant others may not have of these physical appearances.

You may be experiencing more heartburn in the twelfth week of pregnancy. You can help this but eating smaller and more meals. Try eating light at night and eat more substantially during the day. Ask your doctor what foods they can recommend that will not cause heartburn.

This is the time in a pregnancy when a molar pregnancy can happen. A molar pregnancy is water filled cyst that happens when the placenta is not developing properly. You may see spotting or vaginal bleeding. See your doctor right away if start bleeding or spotting at week twelve. This condition can cause a miscarriage, so if you sense something is not right contact your doctor right away.

What To Expect

Now you are going into the second trimester, the risk for miscarriage has reduced significantly. Symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue and nausea have all but gone away. You will notice that you are starting to feel better both physically and mentally. You hormones are adjusting to the baby’s growth and things should be progressing nicely.

You can expect to see that your skin may become extremely sensitive to sunlight. You can develop freckles or dark patches on the skin. If you are going to out in the sun, it would be best to wear the highest sunscreen SPF as possible. In the twelfth week, heartburn may be more prominent. You may have to adjust your diet until you find a plan that works and agrees with you.

A doctor may recommend that you take some prenatal classes, these will help you interact with other pregnant women who may be having the same feelings as you. Sometimes it is easier to talk to someone who is pregnant, they can understand what you are going through. You and your doctor will start to set up monthly visits to monitor your health as well as the health of the baby.


You have completed you first trimester, Congratulations! You are now moving into the second trimester. You are going into the second phase of pregnancy with a different outlook. You are feeling better physically and mentally. If you want to do any traveling, this is the time to do it but always get permission from the doctor before traveling.

Now is the time to start enjoying the pregnancy to its fullest. Not only won’t you have morning sickness anymore but it haven’t done so, now is the time to announce your pregnancy. Once family and friends find out that you are pregnant, it will make the experience all the more special. Keep in mind; once you tell people, other women are going to share their pregnancy stories with you. Every pregnancy is different, it is fun to share stories but don’t count on their experiences as what could happen to you. If you have any questions or concerns, it is best left for a doctor to answer any questions that you may have. You are the only person who can say how you feel, you will know when everything is great and you will know when something is wrong. Don’t dismiss any feeling that you may have. Don’t ever be embarrassed to call your doctor even for something small.