14 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect: Pregnancy Week by Week

By the fourteenth week of pregnancy you would have told family and friends the good news. Now you have an army of support to make sure that you are taking care of yourself. By this week in your pregnancy, you should be adjusting to all of the changes of your body. You should pretty much be used to being pregnant, the baby is still continuing to grow and you should be getting ready for your fourth month doctor’s check up. Every month at the doctor you should be getting your blood pressure checked, your urine checked and your weight checked. By the next month or so, it all seems very routine.

You will also see more physical changes in your body, your waist may be a bit fuller, this is due to the uterus being moved upwards causing the belly to start showing more. By now the baby is 100% formed and fore the remainder of the pregnancy is spent developing their organs, skin and systems. At this week in pregnancy, the placenta is starting to work. Like the previous weeks, you cannot see the changes in the baby unless you are scheduled for a sonogram.

Most new moms won’t be able to feel the baby moving until the sixth or seventh month. This is when the baby becomes much bigger and the movements can be felt in the uterus. As long as you continue to eat healthy and get plenty of rest the baby will continue to grow.

Baby’s Development

At the start of the second trimester, the baby is fully formed and will continue to grow as long as you provide the baby with the right foods. You should be eating a bit healthier and you should be staying away from fried foods or fatty foods. The baby’s system is in place and will only grow and development as the weeks and months go by. The baby’s organs are more established and the baby’s heart rate is twice as fast as your own. So when you hear the heartbeat at your doctor’s appointment don’t panic that it is too fast, it is supposed to be that way.

The baby can now bend their fingers and they can actually clench their fists. The baby is about 85 mm and weights about 110 grams. The baby will start to move around more at the fourteenth week, but you may not be able to feel the kicks until later on. The sex of the baby can be determined but the problem is detecting it on a sonogram.

The baby can actually start sucking their thumb in the uterus. They can even start to make some facial expressions like frowning and even squinting. The baby’s liver will start to create bile and the spleen will start to form red blood cells.

Changes With Your Body

You will start to gain a bit more weight in this month of pregnancy. Your waistline will begin to grow. There are so many exciting changes happening to the baby that you will be able to see on your next sonogram. Your stomach size will be changing as well so you will see some weight gain. You always want to maintain your eating or increase it; it is never a good idea to go on a diet while pregnant. Consult your doctor and see if they can help you with weight control.

The baby is getting all of their nutrients from you so when you make a dietary change it will affect the baby. Continue to take your prenatal vitamins, consider taking calcium and an iron supplement as well. Iron deficiencies are pretty common in pregnancy. As we mentioned in week thirteen there will be changes in breast size during the second trimester. You may experience a discharge called colstrum, this actually protects the baby and helps increase the baby’s immune system.

You may experience some mood swings, these are very common at this stage of the pregnancy. You may be happy one second and crying the next, it is all due to hormones. If you are having negative thoughts it is common, it boils down to nerves. If you are concerned about how and what you are feeling, talk to your partner or your doctor. They can help assure your fears

What To Expect

You will notice that you are eating more and that is due to an increase in appetite. If you notice that you are eating more junk foods, cut back and choose healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables, crackers and it is ok to have a candy bar just don’t go crazy. It is important to the baby’s health that you try to include a balanced diet into your eating plan. You want to include carbs, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. If you need any help ask your doctor they can help you with this.

Deficiencies are quite common in pregnancy that is why you should plan out your prenatal vitamins and any extra supplements on a weekly basis. They are easier to remember when you prepare pre-made packets. Drink plenty of water and orange juice. Remember what you take into the body, the baby is also taking in. A good healthy diet can also help with the recovery after the baby is born. You are increasing your immune system that tends to weaken during pregnancy and you are giving the baby the right amount of nutrition.

Traveling during pregnancy is recommended during the second trimester. The best way to travel recommended by doctors is by air. You can travel by car or train but there may be too many bumps along the way that may not be good for the baby. There are certain sports and activities you may have to avoid now, horseback riding, heavy aerobics and skiing are not recommended. Avoid any heavy lifting as well.


Stay on the right path; many women when they get past the hurdle of the first trimester may revert back to the old ways before they got pregnant. Continue to take your vitamins and make all of your doctor’s appointments. If your doctor offers you recommendations on how to make your pregnancy smoother, take their advice. Remember to relax and enjoy this time.