5th Week of Pregnancy What to Expect – Your Pregnancy Guide

Now you are officially into your first trimester. This is just the beginning of your pregnancy. By now you should have had your confirmation test, a pelvic exam and a due date. Now is the time to start to implement any eating or lifestyle changes you need to make for the health of the baby. If you were a smoker or a drinker, by now you should have stopped. Everything that you put into your body will affect the baby.

If you already haven’t started, it would be a good idea to choose a baby book and read it. The best one is What To Expect When You Are Expecting. This book is the only book you will need regarding pregnancy. Many moms to be read all of the books they can but they all basically say the same thing. You may also be starting to feel some apprehension about the pregnancy. This is perfectly normal, all new moms to be experience doubt and yes, it is normal to feel this way even if you are just 5 weeks pregnant.

Baby’s Development

In this stage of pregnancy, the baby will start to develop at a quicker pace. Right now the baby should be about 5 to 6 mm long. The embryo is still attached to the uterine wall and a start of a placenta will be formed. During this week of pregnancy the baby will start to form its head, eyes and the opening of the mouth. On the next sonogram you will also be able to see the fingers and toes.

The brain is starting to develop as well. The baby’s umbilical cord will start to form in week 5 of pregnancy as well. This is a crucial time when the new mom to be has to take the prenatal vitamins. Drink plenty of orange juice for the Folic Acid; it helps with the baby’s brain development. As your pregnancy progresses the more sonograms you have the more exciting it is every time, seeing your baby grow right before your eyes.

Changes With Your Body

You will start to feel a bit more hormonal than you did before. The levels of estrogen and progesterone are increasing as you go further into the pregnancy. In the first stage of pregnancy, many moms will start to become fatigued very easily. This is perfectly normal and it usually lasts until the end of the first trimester. Stay away from caffeinated products during this time; try eating a healthy snack to boost your energy. Ask your doctor what you can do to help with the fatigue; they may be able recommend something.

You may notice some spotting or bleeding and you may experience some cramping. This can be normal due to the hormonal levels changing in your body. Don’t panic, call the doctor and voice your concerns. Let him make the decision of whether or not you should be worried. In this stage of pregnancy you may also start to feel some tingling sensations in the body as well as tenderness or soreness of the breast.

Remember, that every woman goes through her own unique experiences while pregnant. Just because someone had morning sickness so severe they could not get out of bed, it doesn’t mean that you will. Every woman is different. It is fun to share pregnancy stories with friends and family but you don’t want to concern yourself with some of the negative stories you hear.

What To Expect

At this stage, you should expect to enjoy almost every moment of pregnancy. This very two months can be difficult both physically and mentally. It is exhausting with the hormonal changes and the physical tiredness. But mentally as well, thoughts racing through your mind. Everything that you are feeling, mixed emotions are normal. You may also be implementing different lifestyle changes, so there is plenty going on at this stage.

You will have monthly doctors check ups and monthly sonograms so you can see the baby’s development through the months. It really is an amazing thing to see and experience. By the time you go to the doctor next month, you will be able to hear the heartbeat and that is a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience.

If you are serious about any lifestyle changes you want to make, this is the time to do it. Try starting out with some low impact exercises like walking, swimming and low impact aerobics. You can find videos in store that are geared towards pregnant women and exercise. By doing exercises, you are keeping physically fit but mentally you will feel better as well.


Take one day at a time. Don’t think ahead to the next month and what that may bring you. Take each day and each week as it comes. By looking ahead it may cause some unwanted anxiety. Every time, you visit the doctor’s office, make a list of questions and ask them, no matter how silly you may think they are. Many new moms tend to gain weight in the first trimester because they are eating for two.

It is an expression as long as you take care of yourself; the baby will be taken care of. If you eat healthy and exercise and take your vitamins then you won’t have to worry if the baby is getting enough to eat. For first time moms, this can be nerve wracking because many women hold their pregnancy from friends and family until the third month. So keeping that to yourself can be a little stressful.

The key to a relaxing pregnancy is no stress. You have may have moments of stress or anxiety but you have to find a way to let it go and simply relax. It is easier said than done in some circumstances. But pregnancy should be enjoyed and when you don’t slow down to enjoy it you may not remember it.