How Much Baby Develop in 37th Week of Pregnancy

We want to compliment all you ladies for doing such a great job taking care of yourself and your soon-to-be born babies. You are thirty-seven weeks now and your baby is considered full term Congratulations are certainly in order. Even though you are full term, you still have a few weeks until you reach your estimated due date. You can expect your baby to be born any time between now and a week to two weeks after your due date. You may be thinking about talking to your doctor about inducing labor or if you have had any complications, your doctor may have discussed the possibility of induction with you. In this week’s newsletter we are going to be talking about inductions.

Baby’s Development

The baby is putting on weight at a very fast pace during the 37 weeks pregnant stage. The fat is getting deposited on the cheeks, knees and elbows and these are becoming dimpled due to fat deposition. The baby is putting on weight at the rate of ½ ounce per day. The baby becomes rounder by the day. The skin is fast losing its wrinkled appearance and the skin colour is becoming pinker. The baby is breathing very well by now. The baby’s development is nearly fully completed and the baby is ready to be delivered at any time now. The baby’s approximate weight is about 61/2 to 7 pounds and the approximate length is 20 to 21 inches.

The most significant development at this stage of pregnancy is the positioning or presentation of the baby for birth. The mother experiences increased pressure in the lower abdominal area. This is called engaging or lightening. The baby moves or shifts downward and its head comes to rest in the mother’s pelvic bone bowl. This is the case in 95% of the deliveries. The baby might position or present in many other ways like traverse, breech, brow, knee and so on.

The baby’s hair has grown quite well by this stage. Some babies have very good hair growth and some babies may have very little or no hair at all. The exterior coatings of the baby start coming out now and the baby swallows these along with the additional secretions in uterus.

Changes With Your Body

You are now in the advanced stages of pregnancy. The baby could be born at anytime now. The baby is mature at this point and is a full term baby. The stage is set for the baby to be born. You may start to or continue to feel heavy at this point. This may make you unhappy and sad even though your baby will be here at any time now. Don’t worry, it perfectly normal to have these feelings. The weight gain has prevented you from doing many things you are used to be doing.

By this week in pregnancy, the baby will continue to prepare for birth by dilation of the cervix. The mucus plug is as a protectant sealant of the uterus. As the plug begins to leak the closer you are to birth. Ask your doctor about the mucus plugs and how that works. You may notice the increase in breast size; they have become heavier and a bit fuller as they prepare for lactation. They may feel tender a bit sore until birth. You may feel some itchiness still but some cocoa butter and moisturizer can help with that.

Your doctor will be checking for blood pressure, increased sugar levels and urine levels as well. If the doctor has any concerns they will let you know. Otherwise don’t panic, try not to stress about anything in these last few weeks.

What To Expect

You are nearing the end of your pregnancy at the 37 weeks pregnant stage. You might be feeling that the wait has become unbearable now and you are counting the days now. You will realize once your bundle of joy is delivered that all your waiting was actually worth it. You will forget all the pains, aches and discomfort when you will see and feel your baby. All the medical conditions of minor aches and pains will disappear after delivery as these are generally temporary. One must keep a happy and cheerful disposition throughout the pregnancy period. This will have a good effect on baby’s development. The pregnant mother must take due care with a proper balanced diet accompanied by light exercise schedule to ensure a safe pregnancy and healthy baby. Observe good hygiene and personal cleanliness during the pregnancy period. Itching can be reduced by application of lotions.

Advance planning and organizing will help the expectant mother greatly for the forthcoming events. Talking to your partner, family, friends and medical experts will help in relieving doubts, anxieties and stress. Keep all information regarding telephone numbers of your husband, doctor, hospital ready and handy. Be well prepared with all items for the baby. Welcome your baby with open arms and enjoy motherhood with all its pleasures and challenges.


If you are having any concerns, now is the time to talk to the doctor, friends, family and especially the father of the baby. It is an exciting time and your baby is now closer than ever before to being born. You should have everything ready and the count down is on!