Signs and Symptoms of Unusual Pregnancy

One of the things most women dread about pregnancy is pregnancy symptoms. All women know their own bodies better than anyone else and are able to detect some signs that they are pregnant even if they are not the usual ones. Some women have unusual pregnancy symptoms that others may laugh at or find really weird.

Take for example a woman who has one child and noticed that all while she was pregnant she had a noticeable zit on her nose. When the baby was born, the zit went away. Since this lady has infrequent periods, she would not be able to tell if she was pregnant by missing her period. Therefore, when she started to develop another zit in the same place on her nose, she went to the doctor for a pregnancy test and sure enough she was pregnant.

Pregnancy, though a beautiful and natural state of being for many women, can sometimes feel unnatural due to unusual symptoms. With a woman’s body being overwhelmed by hormonal changes, weight gain and new proclivities, there is plenty to get used to but it may not end there. Strange symptoms can develop that are both bothersome to the mother-to-be and sometimes even harmful to the baby.


Excessive itching from head to toe is a symptom of cholestasis, a pregnancy related condition of the liver, which can be harmful to the unborn child.

Skin Issues

Extra skin hanging from an underarm or other body part, called a skin tag, can develop as a result of an increase in skin production during pregnancy.

Spider Veins

Blood volume increases during pregnancy and so does its flow, which can be manifested as harmless spider veins stretched across a woman’s chest.

Saliva Production

If newborns needed a prep course in drooling, some moms could oblige; excessive slobber or saliva can develop from shifts in hormone levels.


Possible deficiencies in essential vitamins and nutrients cause some women to crave dirt, laundry starch, baking soda, clay and cigarette ashes for consumption, which may be harmful to the developing baby.