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{SCA} Adrienne Cecile Rich is an American poet, essayist and feminist. She has been called “one of the most widely read and influential poets of the second half of the 20th century.

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1. Adrienne Rich

When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her.

2. Adrienne Rich

They can rule the world while they can persuade us our pain belongs in some order is death by famine worse than death by suicide, than a life of famine and suicide…?

3. Adrienne Rich

The repossession by women of our bodies will bring far more essential change to human society than the seizing of the means of production by workers.

4. Adrienne Rich

The moment of change is the only poem.

5. Adrienne Rich

The mind’s passion is all for singling out. Obscurity has another tale to tell.

6. Adrienne Rich

Pride is a tricky, glorious, double-edged feeling.

7. Adrienne Rich

Lying is done with words and also with silence.

8. Adrienne Rich

Life on the planet is born of woman.

9. Adrienne Rich

I keep coming back to you in my head, but you couldn’t know that, and I have no carbons.

10. Adrienne Rich

False history gets made all day, any day, the truth of the new is never on the news.

11. Adrienne Rich

Art, whose honesty must work through artifice, cannot avoid cheating truth.

12. Adrienne Rich

A thinking woman sleeps with monsters.

13. Adrienne Rich

A revolutionary poem will not tell you who or when to kill, what and when to burn, or even how to theorize. It reminds you… where and when and how you are living and might live, it is a wick of desire.

14. Adrienne Rich

“In order to live a fully human life we require not only control of our bodies (though control is a prerequisite); we must touch the unity and resonance of our physicality, our bond with the natural order, the corporeal grounds of our intelligence.

15. Adrienne Rich

“It’s exhilarating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness; it can also be confusing, disorienting, and painful.

16. Adrienne Rich

The ocean, whose tides respond, like women’s menses, to the pull of the moon, the ocean which corresponds to the amniotic fluid in which human life begins, the ocean on whose surface vessels (personified as female) can ride but in whose depth sailors meet their death and monsters conceal themselves… it is unstable and threatening as the earth is not; it spawns new life daily, yet swallows up lives; it is changeable like the moon, unregulated, yet indestructible and eternal.

17. Adrienne Rich

Every journey into the past is complicated by delusions, false memories, false namings of real events.

18. Adrienne Rich

The moment of change is the only poem