Feeling of The Brisk Air Blow in Your Face – Short Fall Poems

Every season has its special beauty and autumn is no exception. Watching the trees turn from a uniform green to all varieties of gold, yellow and red is a spectacular experience. One can almost be blinded by the fiery brilliance.

I hope the following short and beautiful collection of fall poems by famous people will help you in times of your need to realize how perfect you already are.

We are quite sure that you will love these cute and sweet fall poems collection. Lets have a look at these decent funny fall poems.

1. Welcome Fall

Fall has just begun
As summer ends
The color of the leaves gleaming in the sun
Jumping in leaves with friends
As the tumble down
Forming a quilt on the ground
Hearing the crinkle as you jump in
Twisting and turning in the air
Feeling of the brisk air blow in your face
The warm and delightful smell of grandma’s pumpkin pie
This is fall

2. The Wind

The wind it moves in wondrous ways
Through the tree branches it blows and its sways
It takes all the leaves and flies them so high
Then briefly it lets go and they fall from the sky

Its strength is so varied from timid to strong
The length of the blowing can be short or long
Sometimes it tickles the tip of your nose
Sometimes sends shivers to the tips of your toes

It can bring some surprises with each passing day
The wind will surprise you in many a way
The sweet sound of whistling, the roar of a storm
It can bring you some happiness and also bring harm

The next time you see a bag blow down the street
The next time you feel the wind at you feet
Remember its power, its beauty and grace
For the wind can be anywhere, it can be any place

3. Fall Has Arrived

The gush of wind blew my hair,
Straight up to the unforgiving air.
Fall was peaking around the trees,
Leaves would pile high,
soon up to my knees.
Hello orange, yellow, and red,
goodbye green,
Bye-bye June, July, and August,
hello Halloween.
The warmth is gone and won