Man Quotes and Sayings Inspirational Collection

{SCA} Man is a male human. The term man is used for an adult human male, while the term boy is the usual term for a human male child or adolescent human male.

However, man is sometimes used to refer to humanity as a whole.

This post is dedicated to awesome man quotes and sayings by famous people.

In this post we have gathered some of the beautiful, unusual and best man quotes text messages.

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1. Zsa Zsa Gabor

Macho doesn’t prove mucho.

2. Mae West

It’s not the men in my life, it’s the life in my men.

3. Anita Wise

A lot of guys think the larger a woman’s breasts are, the less intelligent she is.  I don’t think it works like that.  I think it’s the opposite.  I think the larger a woman’s breasts are, the less intelligent the men become.

4. Helen Rowland

A man’s heart may have a secret sanctuary where only one woman may enter, but it is full of little anterooms which are seldom vacant.

5. Rebecca West

He is every other inch a gentleman.

6. Amanda Vail

Sometimes I think if there was a third sex men wouldn’t get so much as a glance from me.

7. Alice Thomas Ellis

Men were made for war.  Without it they wandered greyly about, getting under the feet of the women, who were trying to organize the really important things of life.

8. Katherine Anne Porter

It’s a man’s world, and you men can have it.

9. Camille Paglia

There is no female Mozart because there is no female Jack the Ripper.

10. Clare Booth Luce

They say women talk too much.  If you have worked in Congress you know that the filibuster was invented by men.

11. Linda Ellerbee

If men can run the world, why can’t they stop wearing neckties?  How intelligent is it to start the day by tying a little noose around your neck?

12. Jean Giraudoux

When you see a woman who can go nowhere without a staff of admirers, it is not so much because they think she is beautiful, it is because she has told them they are handsome.

13. Oscar Wilde

Women are never disarmed by compliments; men always are.

14. Lana Turner

A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.

15. Helen Rowland

It takes a woman twenty years to make a man of her son, and another woman twenty minutes to make a fool of him.

16. Author Unknown

When a man talks dirty to a woman, it’s sexual harassment.  When a woman talks dirty to a man, it’s $3.95 a minute.

17. Francesca M. Cancian

Part of the reason that men seem so much less loving than women is that men’s behavior is measured with a feminine ruler.

18. Germaine Greer

The tragedy of machismo is that a man is never quite man enough.

19. Lupe Velez

The first time you buy a house you see how pretty the paint is and buy it.  The second time you look to see if the basement has termites.  It’s the same with men.

20. Katherine Whitehorn

No nice men are good at getting taxis.

21. Jason Love

If it can’t be fixed by duct tape or WD-40, it’s a female problem.