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Stylo Kids Shoes Designs

Shopping for kids’ shoes, though, doesn’t need to be daunting. The key is to keep up with growth spurts by having your child’s feet properly measured on a regular basis.

Tips on Buying Children’s / Kids Shoes


  1. Be sure you are confident with the foot measurement as this will ensure the shoes you buy are immediately comfortable. Remember that shoes should not need a break-in period.
  2. Make sure you buy shoes made from breathable material such as leather. Aside from being durable, leather keeps your child’s feet dryer and cooler and helps prevent foot problems such as discomfort, blisters and smelly feet. Shoes with rigid uppers may lead to corns on the feet.
  3. The inside of the shoe, or the lining, should be soft and have no protruding seams as they can result in cuts and infection.
  4. The soles of the shoes should be robust and sturdy to protect your child’s feet from injury and pain. However the soles should also be flexible so that they bend with the feet.
  5. Your child’s shoes should have some form of fastening such as Velcro or straps to firmly hold his or her shoes in place. A fully adjustable fastening makes for a snug fit.
  6. Choose a light-weight shoe as kids use a lot of energy walking and running. Heavy shoes will only weigh them down and cause foot discomfort.

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