5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Beat the Heat

Well-hydrated skin doesn’t just make you look younger. Due to improved resilience and elasticity, well-moisturized skin is better at fighting off bacteria and minimizing infections.

Even so, we sometimes end up neglecting how much water our body needs. Our skin naturally dries over time, and it happens even faster during hot summers. And if you happen to follow the latest trends in Asian beauty, you might have a harder time achieving their classic dewy look. Luckily, there are easy ways to fight dryness and stay hydrated despite the summer heat.

1. Drink Enough Water

Admittedly, water doesn’t take the most direct route to your skin. It goes through your digestive system, enters your bloodstream, and gets filtered by your kidneys-all before finally reaching your skin cells.

Though drinking water may not be the quickest way to hydrate your skin, it’s still the best and the easiest. It’s long believed that 8 glasses of water per day (around 2 liters) is the right amount to keep your body healthy. However, the true amount depends on how much an individual weighs. To keep it simple, just drink water at the slightest sign of thirst.

2. Bathe with Cool Water

Though it may feel more relaxing, hot water tends to strip our skin of much-needed natural oils. So even if excess facial oil can look unpleasant, these nutrients and oils make up a vital protective layer that also keeps moisture locked in.

According to dermatologist Dr. Doris Day, one these nutrients is called hyaluronic acid—a natural moisturizing agent. Without it, your skin will get dry and flaky much faster. Hence, it’s best to keep your body temperature down to keep moisture levels up.

3. Use Gentle, Natural Soap

If you thought that hot water is the only shower no-no, then you’re mistaken. Most soaps also include chemicals that are harmful for the skin. And unfortunately, these common ingredients in soap tend to have a higher pH level. This results in an inhospitable environment for your skin’s natural oils and nutrients.

Thankfully, milder alternatives are readily available. There are now many brands that offer soaps that can repair dry skin. So make sure to check the labels on your soaps and cleansers.

4. Apply a Moisturizer

What better way to hydrate your skin than to use something invented for it? Moisturizers can instantly improve the look and feel of your skin by providing important lipids that help lock moisture in.

For best results, apply moisturizers right after bathing. Your skin remains porous and absorbent at this time, allowing the product to penetrate deeply. If you want more protection, it’s even common now to find moisturizers that also protect against UV rays.

5. Change Your Diet

Most fruits contain a high amount of water, as well as different vitamins and minerals. For example, avocadoes contain healthy fat that help hydrate your skin. It also reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in your body.

Meanwhile, zinc-rich pumpkins are a fine way to nourish your skin. Though not technically a fruit, water-rich coconuts can also refresh your body, as well as promote weight loss. So the next time you feel like going for your usual snacks, take a bite of some fresh fruits instead.

With the drying heat of summer months, our bodies need even more water to function properly. That’s why you should not underestimate skin dryness. And with great-looking skin, you’ll have an easier time wearing your summer outfits with pride. So make sure to consciously hydrate yourself to beat the heat and look hot. Besides, these tips won’t just help you look better. They’ll also help you feel better and more recharged.