How To Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells

Everyone wants to look good, and having glowing and vibrant skin is a key step towards this expectation. Dead skin is something that everyone has to deal with in some form or another (in fact, most people shed about a million dead skin cells per day). Dead skin prohibits the growth of new skin underneath. This is how to use an exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.

One fast way to remove and get rid of dead skin cells from face or hands and feet is by exfoliating them regularly using skin cleansing products. If you are wary of using chemical laden products, so you can find some of the useful tips on how to remove dead skin cells from face and body naturally at home as follow.

The Best Ways To Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells

  1. Begin with steaming: The best way to get rid of dead skin cells is by starting with the process of steaming and then using any scrub or peels to clear skin. You can use either a steamer or use a hot water bowl. It will be more effective if you use a steamer because such products spray very small mist which deeply softens the impurity layer and makes it easier for the exfoliating agent to clear skin.
  2. Peel off homemade face mask: Gel based mask that removes dead cells from the top layer of the skin, leaving behind fresh and youthful skin. Peel off masks brighten up a dull complexion, you can use oatmeal, which is rich in vitamin B and E.
  3. Sandalwood or chandan face scrub: Make a chandan face scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and other impurities like dirt, oil which are hard to get rid of with face packs. Mix sandalwood with rice powder (chawal ka aata), gram flour (besan), milk and rose water. Remember, not to add too much milk or water as scrubs are thick in consistency. Apply this once in two weeks for the desired results.
  4. Prepare a lemon scrub: Natural bleaching properties in lemon, make it one of the best natural exfoliate for cleaning the dead skin from hands and face. Mix lemon juice and rose water to gram flour and apply it to your hands, face and feet. Take a brush and slowly rub it on your skin. This gentle rubbing will eliminate the dead skin cells, oils and other impurities giving you fresh and flawless skin.
  5. Anti-Aging Coffee Scrub: Coffee is very high in antioxidants, making it an excellent dead skin cell removal for human skin as well as preventing wrinkles and sagging skin to a relatively good extent. Prepare some ground, coarse coffee beans and mix them with a little olive oil. Add raw sugar if needed and use it to gently rub onto your facial skin. Finally, use warm water to rinse your skin off and pat it dry.
  6. Oily skin homemade face mask: Beat one egg white until it becomes thick and mix one teaspoon of honey, then add one teaspoon of lemon juice and apply gently to face and leave it for ten minutes and wash it off with warm water.
  7. Chocolate scrub: Take some cocoa powder and add rose water or lime juice (if you have oily skin) in it. Now, grind some oatmeal and add to the mixture. Add some raw sugar and honey too. Mix well but make sure the paste is semi-solid. Rub it on your face, knees, and elbows in a circular motion. If you feel it is too harsh for your face, add olive oil to the paste to balance it out.
  8. Honey and oats treatment: Honey and oat mixture can be used to remove dead and dry skin from face and feet. Mix oats to honey and add water to thin the paste. Use this paste for skin and allow it to dry. After drying, rinse it off with water.
  9. Rice-Curd-Rose Oil Scrub: This is a creamy scrub for moisturizing that can help on how to remove dead skin cells gently and soften your skin noticeably. This scrub can also help to remove tan and prevent cell damage by neutralizing harmful free radicals. It would be great for sensitive and dry skin. Grind rice to make it less coarse if needed, then add rice to curd or dahi and mix with 2 drops of rose oil. Use this mixture to apply onto your face and let your skin dry before using water to rinse it off with water. This is also a great tip on how to get rid of dead skin cells on face people should make use for good!
  10. Sugar: This scrub is ideal for removing dead skin of face and also moisturizes skin. Make a mixture with 3 teaspoon sugar powder, half a tablespoon of olive oil and 3 drops of peppermint oil massage and then spread on the face for a minute. After exfoliating, clean the face with warm water and then moisturize skin.

Besides these tips you also need to regularly clean your skin to prevent accumulation of dead cells and oils. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.