Natural Skin Care Remedies for African Americans

Natural Skincare for African Americans

{SCA} African American skin care is no exception, when it comes to take care of skin color, even though there are many things in common, the different coloured skin types do require different treatment.

As you do plan a program of how you will treat this skin type , you must know what distinguishes it from other types of skin and see what would be the best skin care approach.

  1. African American skin is darker than Caucasian or Asian skin. This is due to the higher amount of melanin, which is the substance responsible for skin coloration. Melanin has been proven to provide a significant level of protection from the sun’s ultra violet radiation. Melanin has also been known to slow down the process of wrinkle formation.
  2. However, the high level of melanin in African American skin also has its drawbacks.
  3. For instance, darker skin loses water faster than lighter skin. Another issue is that melanin’s role as a barrier for harmful UV rays is a double-edged sword; this protective melanin barrier simultaneously makes it harder for skin care products applied on the surface to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.
  4. Another distinction that is important to consider when looking at African American skin care is the need to manage the secretion of oil on the skin. This is something that has sometimes elicited strong debate on whether it is really more oil glands on African American skin or the fact that oily African skin it is more easier to notice than oily Caucasian or Asian skin types. That said, darker skins are more prone to acne.
  5. With this understanding of the uniqueness of African American skin, you can see that even skin care cannot be done the same way it is on other types of skin. Unfortunately, many products available off the shelf are more targeted towards Caucasian skin with comparatively fewer products on African American skin care.
  6. However, there are products that have a leaning toward African skin care; what is important is that you pay particular attention to the type of skin each product you are interested in buying is targeted toward.
  7. When selecting the type of product to use, always go for those that are based on natural occurring ingredients, see all natural skin care . Synthetic products more often than not have a higher probability of either triggering an immediate reaction on one’s skin or causing longer-term side effects. Further, natural occurring ingredients are normally much more effective when it comes to maintain skin moisture – something that is of great importance when it comes to African American skin care.
  8. The following skin care system Obagi Nu-Derm icon is aimed to men and women of all ages and skin types, including Asian and Afro-American skin. From the Obagi skin care range, it helps to firm the skin with even color tone for a younger healthier looking skin.
  9. Other than off-the-shelf products, there are things you can incorporate in your daily routine. One of these is to wash your skin with warm water. Due to the higher level of skin oil on dark skin, the warm water will help remove the oily appearance and any dirt particles that may have been trapped on the oil.
  10. Secondly, avoid scrubbing the skin. Vigorous skin scrubbing can produce blackheads and in the worst case, could actually trigger a bout of acne. If you are a man looking for skin care the following skin care article could be of help black men skin care .
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