Remove Burn Marks on Skin with Nature: Home Remedies

Cooking injuries, curling irons and liquid scalds are common causes of burns. Even the smallest burn can induce much pain and agony, causing redness, throbbing, swelling and even blistering. If the burn is not treated properly, a mark can remain on the skin. Applying certain solutions to the burn can remove these marks, as well as soften and smooth the skin. Lemon juice, tomato extract and almond oil are effective solutions to removing burn marks on skin.

Care for Burn Skin

Pressure dressings are very regular treatments for burned skin. With normal skin, the compression of the superficial layers guarantees that flawed tissue is restored to its original form without scars. When burns damage the skin, the force no longer exists and hypertrophic scars will evolve irregularly, arousing possible deformities. Scar tissue is tremendously responsive in the beginning stages so earl application of pressure garments is vital.

Most patients should use pressure garments for 23 hours daily for up to 18 months. This is not really a burn marks remover but rather a defense measure to evade future scarring. Are you burdened with a face burn scar? Do you want to go out in public with pressure garments wrapping your scull for more than a year? Is that the way to get your self esteem back?

Deep, serious burns can often necessitate skin grafting. This technique involves taking a parcel of donor skin from the body and medically sweing it over the burn site. This burn scar treatment has a high risk of infection and there is always the risk that the piece of skin can fall off.

 Remove Burn Marks on Skin

Treatment of Lemon Juice

You have to apply the lemon juice several times a day with a cloth. This process should continue till the removal of burn mark. Lemon juice has tendency to remove the skin scar and cleanse it efficiently due to its citric nature.

Almond Oil Massage

You should massage the burn mark two or three times daily to get rid of them. It will not only improve the skin tone but soften it as well. If the tomato extract fails to remove the skin mark than it will. Coconut oil can be used as an alternative.

Dump the Burn Mark

Use cool water to gently rinse the burn mark and cover it for many hours with a cloth, damped with cool water.

Tomato a natural bleaching agent

Tomato is a natural bleaching agent, you can use tomato extract on the affected area if it remains. Burn will be removed within few days due to its bleaching nature. Tomato pulp can be used instead of tomato extract.