Useful and Easy Combination Skin Care Tips

A combination skin is called so because it is a combination of a partly dry and partly oily skin. The central part of the face-the forehead, nose, chin and parts of the cheek (also known as the T-zone) look glossy and oily. The cheeks are often dry or very dry. A combination skin needs to test alternative remedies that work towards preventing excess oiliness in the T-zone and moisturizing the dry parts. Apart from the oily T-zone the dry areas on a combination skin are also at times prone to acne.

Natural skin care must be put to use to nourish and moisturize the dry skin and reduce excessive oil secretion in the T-zone to balance the health of the skin. Beauty and skin care tips have some recommendations for combination skin that could prove useful when put to use.

Combination Skin Care Tips

Be sure that you have enough water throughout the day. Even while working, water allows your skin to be hydrated in a temperature that usually an air-conditioned one. The A.C. dehydrates your skin of its essential oils making you look dry. Regular intakes of water not only ensures that you get your eyes off the computer screen, and have trips to the loo; it also ensures that your vision is set rightly as given a situation where you hardly drink water, it’s quite likely that you would be glued to your chair and increase the number of your eyes in the bargain.

  • When cleansing your face, you should only cleanse the T-zone twice a day and your cheeks once a day. Treat both areas differently as one is more oily than the other. Make sure to use a moisturizing cleansing product free of harsh chemicals.
  • Usually the spots where the skin is dry or oily variate. The nose is often greasy due to the large amount of sebaceous glands that are in this area. On the other hand the cheek can be extremely dry. In order to maintain your skin spotless, you’ll have to deal with both skin types. This can only be done with the use of special products designed for this complexion.
  • After washing your face at night be sure to remove dead skin cells (exfoliate) with the gentle scrub at least twice a week: use products containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) that normalize your skin, which are derived from fruit, milk and sugar cane and have anti-inflammatory properties. Home remedy: a tablespoon of sugar or oatmeal will work just fine.
  • Moisturizer are basic elements of a complexion skin care schedule. It’s true that your oily skin won’t need extra moisture still it should be taken into account that these products provide your skin tissues with the top notch vitamins and nutrients. Make sure to use an oil-free product on both the dry and greasy area in order to hydrate them rather than worsening their condition.
  • Exfoliation is another crucial step in skin care. Combination skin due to the dead cells produced by the oily skin as well as dry patches is in great need of a thorough detox. This is the best method to eliminate all the toxins and dead cells from the skin and this way boost the healthy cell reproduction.